LaPolice and Cortez both say no to BC as O/C

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Been told Paul LaPolice and George Cortez both said no to the #BCLions about offensive co-ordinater opening.

It is rumored that LaPolice will stay at TSN as an analyst.

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Hearing Paul LaPolice is leaning strongly towards staying with TSN, thus rejectling #BCLions offensive co-ordinator offer.

Can you blame him the TSN gig is likely less stress, less hours and more security.

Judging from LaPolice's stints on TSN, he is much happier in his work for them than coaching or even

managing. I think he is very good with his breakdowns of various plays and to me, he has more football

savvy than anyone on the five man panel. I find him both knowledgeable and entertaining.

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[b]“The TSN deal is ridiculous,? said one source familiar with the situation involving the Winnipeg-based LaPolice and the league’s broadcast rights-holder. “It’s also a lot easier having to fly in and work a couple of days a week.?

An unconfirmed report had the network, which recently lost a bid to retain its NHL rights, adding time and cash to LaPolice’s contract.[/b]

Look for Khari Jones to get the O/C job in BC now.