Lapointe unsure about return

Eric Lapointe says if he returns to play this year for the Montreal Alouettes, he doesn't expect to see regular work in the backfield.

Instead, the 31 year old feels his talents will best be used on special teams.

"I'm not sure if I'll play or not. But if I decide to play, I won't be playing running back," Lapointe tells the Montreal Gazette. "I'm a special-teams player. There's nothing else I can say."

Lapointe was the Alouettes starting running back for four of their first games last season until a hamstring injury sent him to the sidelines. In stepped former first round NFL pick Robert Edwards, who gained 147 yards on just 13 carries in his first game against Saskatchewan.

Despite filling in for an injured Edwards and performing well in the Eastern Final, Lapointe knows its not enough to unseat Edwards from the starting job.

"Edwards is as good as they come. That's why I won't be playing running back. It's not in the cards. Nobody's going to beat out Robert Edwards.

Lapointe says he's prepared to juggle two careers this year, provided he and the team can agree on several concessions which will allow him to continue working as a management consultant in Quebec.

"I need to be able to do both (careers) correctly," said Lapointe. "I can't be on the field thinking about business. And I can't be at the office thinking about football.

"I'd like to be on the field, if possible. I love that game and I'm healthy. If I can find a way to play, I will. But if it's time to go, I'll go."

Must be a hard decision to make. Be a special teamer and have one last chance to win the Grey Cup, or call it quit and forget about the ring...

I would take Lapointe as a starting RB anytime. I know the Argos once had him as did a several other teams and misused him.

Yes he is a good one!

My 2 cents…he won’t be back in 2006…

He still gave a great performance in the East Final in 2005 !

The 200 Al’s fans in the ArgoDome were very happy to see him back :slight_smile:

Well well well, looks like Lapointe signed a new contarct this morning !

Good news !

I guess that really is what we call two cents' worth of advice!

I'm sure after Eric read my comment, he changed his mind :wink:

so I guess that's Dgod's last post ever, sad.

........what is sad is that he couldn't man up to apologise for making an obsene remark.......

very sad that he was so full of himself that he couldn't do it just to save himself, and died a most horrible death.

......I am sure he is very alive and playing his drums in Hamilton........

or foating down the St. Lawence. This forum can be so hard on it's posters.

ya Lapointe WOOHOO!