Lapointe retires

So Als fans, what do you think? Personally, I am not surprised. The guy definately had some talent but was always bitten by the injury bug. Great on specialty teams too. A class act all around who never seemed to complain when a different running back came to camp and was placed in front of him on the depth chart (semed to happen every year). I wish him well!

The news said he had 2 Grey Cup rings. Montreal was one. Who was the other?

I believe that he won a ring while with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats...

No offense to Lapointe, but he got injured way to easily. He had great acceleration. He'd burst right through holes and he was a great receiver out of the backfield. But he just couldn't last.

Same applies to Girard; I would expect him to hang it up this year as well.......both guys had loads of talent and speed; were Canadian; but were just too dam fragile. It's a pity.

I agree with the last two posts...

Canadian players, more specifically players brought up in the Canadian university system, don't seem to be tough enough to last a whole season.

I remember back in 2003 when the Alouettes wanted to make Lapointe their feature back. Right away I KNEW that wasn't going to happen because of his susceptibility to injuries.

I thought an exception to that rule was perhaps Jason Clermont. He had a 1000+ season 2 years ago I believe. But then again, he had a really serious injury this year so I don't know if you want to count that.

Sometimes Canadians that have gone through the American system tend to last longer.

I consider Jason Clermont one of the toughest Canadians in the league. The toughest for me, is our man Ben Cahoon.

The guy gets hammered into another dimension, and still gets right up. Catches a ball thrown with a ton of velocity by AC with a broken hand, plays with cracked ribs...Tough as nails. If he can get up, he is ok, if he can't get up, you know he is hurt.