Lapo you gotta go...Gone

.....I don't know what he's thinking, when he benches one of the only star players (Simpson) and still has produced not a shred of offence since.....welllll I'm losing track.....I feared he wasn't good head-coach material when he was hired...he now has proved it out...The only points this team scores is in desperation or in garbage time....That ain't good enough....I mentioned awhile ago that we should let Burke take-over....I think we should give him a shot and see if he can do a better job....It's going to be a looooong break with the season looking like it's over already....It certainly will be with Paul Lapolice continuing on behind the bench :thdn: :cry

........Our defence is starting to feel the pressure....Before they give up, a change is needed

Is it Lapo or Crowton ? How do we know ? Who ran the draft the last three years ? This team can't even field the minimum number of non imports ? I think Lapolice is a fine young coach. There are huge holes on this team and poor balance between yoouth and experience. That's not all on Lapolice you know.

I thought last year LaPo was loved by most bomber fans?

Can’t blame LaPolice for letting so much talent walk last off season. That in itself would be tough enough to overcome, but look at the brain dead assistant coaches he has to work with - - Chip Garbage and Gary Crowton?

Take a look at Crowton’s track record - - always the same outcome wherever he goes. It’s a steady downhill slide for the offence until Crowton finally gets run out of town and on to his next disaster.

The Bombers really should be 0 and 6 now. The only reason you aren't is a Jyles fumble.

So I agree that a big change is can't crap the bed all season long the season before heading into a new stadium. Mack should be the one to go for having very below average drafts, for hiring the current OC, and for not adequately replacing Brown and Willis, as well as LaBatte and Lohbedan, and Pierce. But I doubt that happens. More likely is Mack trying to right the ship with a big trade during the bye that adresses at least two of the holes I mentioned above.

No, always rumblings about his pllay calling. Especially in Grey Cup game.

Bombers do have some personnel issues, most notably on the O-line, but LaPo HAS to be accountable for the offense. Third year, second OC, multiple QBs, yet it's just a pop-gun offense. If Crowton can't get it done, that's on LaPo for hiring him.

Simpson is a beast of a running back, Matthews is probably the top receiver in the league right now, and T. Edwards always gives you steady production. There is no reason for this offense to be this poor, particularly at home. I've said it before, but it bears repeating IMO: LaPo is the only head coach in the league who hasn't been able to get the unit from which he came to have success.

Benevides: defense
Chamblin: defense
Hufnagel: offense
Reed: defense
Milanovich: offense
Cortez: offense
Trestman: offense

All these coaches have fielded good units on their side of the ball (Calgary is struggling right now, but Hufnagel has proven his ability to construct excellent offenses in Calgary, going back to 2008). LaPolice was supposed to be an offensive genius, but he hasn't been able to do anything with Winnipeg's offense. That's a red flag to me.

....I don't know how Bomber management is going to paper this one over.....Certainly there's been player turn-over...EVERY CLUB has player movement...No I'm sorry this comes down to coaching....With the talent this team has on offence and scoring the measley points it does...something is definitely out of whack......This club has to address the lack of COACHING TALENT ...Trestman makes Lapo look like a CIS coach fumbling around in his initial game...Poor decisions from the bench....not utilizing player personnel to it's highest offensive game plan worth a salt...Someone mentioned at the beginning of the season that Lapolice looked defeated on a couple of occasions....Well that look has translated to the team...Maybe the head honcho job is way over his head.....I'm going to be hollering for a change...Maybe Burke is not the answer either but something has to be reconfigured...I think we'll see Tim get the reins before this season is over and we'll judge him then....Till then Bomber fans are going to have to prepare for the worst....I'd sure hate to go into the new digs with a coach and a team that has the record of this one if things continue the way they are....Bomber management better pay heed... :thdn:

Montreal still has the best offense in the league, although Hamilton is now challenging them on that, you can't expect a secondary basically held together with duct tape to hold up all game and they couldn't.

What bothered me though was the 'so called plan' to contain Whitaker, which just ended up being a repeat of the last game in Montreal.

Also the offence, how do you go in at half time, make adjustments, and come out and not get a first down until the end of the third quarter? At the professional level, that should be grounds for dismissal, just putrid.

Can't fire anyone though, not after extending them for 3 years, give them the 5 year plan, let them try to develop a winner and them decide. They'll either get there or they won't and been given a fai shake to do it.

I'm tired of canning guys just because they hit a rough patch.

Team’s biggest problem is Oline and QB right now and since there are none available, they are forced with letting them get game experience this year. Next spring they will have the top pick in the draft and need to use it on an Olinesman. They need to bring in more talent at the QB position. Bombers aren’t going anywhere this year. 1-5 with 3 teams ahead of them playing .500 football or better. Unless one of the teams ahead of them has a melt down of course but I can’t see that happening unless they lose their starting QB.

We are awful, lets not pretend any different. Our secondary is lost, our oline is embarassing,QB,s in general are below average,Play calling is predictable and aids in our 2 and outs, we are undisciplined and please feel free to add to this list.

The reality is losing willis,labatte,carr was no big deal... yup gonna put labatte in there also cuz dont think he'd make a difference even on this oline, the oline is just terrible, losing khan to retirement, again no big deal, he was a weak link last year and on the downside of his career. The one that hurts the most is losing brown, his leadership alone, makes him the biggest loss this off season but he retired so what can you do really. Donny O,whoever else, they werent important pieces really in the big picture. Really the reality is this off season we lost 1 big time impact player and he retired.

What i find to be the problem is, well.. Cal murphy said something at one point years ago along the lines of "it all starts with the qb, the rest is just window dressing". And that is what the problem is so far here, cant explain the d, perhaps missing Turner,Suber,Stewart and Logan (all starters) hurts. It probably does actually so i can give the D a bit of a break there as thats 4 impact starters right there, who prob could start on other teams also. Altho the dline got pressure on AC and did get 3 sacks in the process, not bad against montreal.

The real problem tho is the offensive line and the qb, that was brinks 6th career start, i cant blame him, he had very little time again to throw the ball, he didnt look awful, he didnt look great tho, for a guy making his 6th career start behind that oline, well, what do you expect.

The slow starts are concerning and has been for 3 years.. Fact is, the talent on this team is there, im not sure its being used properly tho, thats a coaching problem,whether it be Offense Defense or Special teams.. its not just 1, its all phases of coaching.

why was simpson pulled? thought he hurt himself again, he regularly limps off the field.. perhaps the bye week allows him to recover, ford looked good tho also. i guess, why did simpson only run the ball 7 times, 10 touches including the passes in 3.5 quarters, whitaker had 24 touches in 3 quarters, coaching is a problem, just not sure if its lapolice,burke or del monaco with the oline or who it is but its someone, probably more than just someone, probably a couple coaches.

If LaPolice is the one running the offence, why is Gary Crowton collecting a paycheque? And if LaPolice is the one who hired Crowton and made all the ill-advised personnel decisions, why is Joe Mack still pretending that he's a GM?

Those are good questions and we probably won't know the answers until the off season.

If I had to guess, Lapo wanted a puppet at OC, in fact he stated he would still be calling the plays and then later retracted those comments. A guy like Crowton, who had basically exhausted all other options, was the perfect foil.

The same reason Marcus Brady is the OC in Montreal but Trestman calls the plays. :wink:

I'm sure Crowton is very involved in the offense, but LaPo is an offensive guy, and a HC is always going to be more involved in his own background.

And if LaPolice is the one who hired Crowton and made all the ill-advised personnel decisions, why is Joe Mack still pretending that he's a GM?
Uh, head coaches always hire their own staff. Sure, the GM's in the room, but ultimately, in a well-run organization, a GM hires a HC, gets out of the way, and lets the HC hire the people he wants to hire. As for personnel decisions, the GM's job is to assemble the talent; the HC's job is to decide how to use that talent.

.....some say it;s not a fair statement to say a coach 'has lost' the room....So let's say it looks like he can't find a winning formulae for the talent he has....Either way his presence on this team is under big-time scruitiny....I don't particularly like eating an extended contract of that size BUT they did it in Regina AND they're back on track....We might have to look at that :cry:

If LaPo would have been given 5 years he's near halfway there. I don't buy the theory it takes five years to rejig a team. If we were to attempt to compare this year's team with the 2010 team it would be hard to say which is/was better. We might have a lot of raw talent but no one to guide them.

I also feel LaPo came in with a very poor understanding of clock management and I'm not sure he has mastered it.

The import talent is better but losing Labatte, Brown. The Canadian content his worse.

Well, i'll tell you this much, if that is crowtown running the offense and lapolice has very little say on it on game days, then perhaps Lapo needs to be more hands on. Running the ball 7 times with simpson when he is averaging almost 10 yards a carry and then throwing and not working is something that needs to be changed. I think lapo probably is allowing crowton to be too hands on. Thinks cfl is truly a passing league, unfortunately tho, u can win by running and have a strong D. with a strong running game comes a strong D as the d is on the field less when you are picking up first downs on first down runs.. i mean, its football 101 really, you do what works and whats worked so far, the way the line is built, its size, they may not be the best at pass protection altho with a young group that problem comes with time as gelling is still well, its still in the process, it takes time, however run blocking, hey 6'7 300 lb dude, block that guy, other 6'/7 300 lb guy take that one, etc etc, push him, the 300lb guy should win most those battles.. RUN THE DARN BALL more, perhaps try to keep Brink or Elliot to about 20 throws a game and just run run run, go with 2 import backs, make it work even, like. just go with it and run the ball, give simpson 20 touches a game atleast, 25 really if you want to include passes. Get him involved, him, mathews,edwards,watson and even the much maligned poblah who for a basic "rookie" is on pace for good rookie numbers and thats with a qb who gets no pass protection, pierce,brink, same would/will help with elliot in there, no time to throw.

until the oline learns to pass protect, RUN THE BALL lots, even u know, id be cool with 60 percent pace, 40 percent run, thats like ideal really, 50/50 would be best but i could live with 60/40, we ran the ball like 17 percent of the time last game, UNACCEPTABLE considering our best player was our running back.

If Crowtown is running this offence it amazingly looks like LaPo’s offence. We still mostly throw 3 yard passes on second and long and don’t seem to want to stretch the line. Still wonder why he was hired.