Lapo Show 14/6/2010

The inaugural show tonight.

Feel free to add your comments here.

Short show tonight, only 30 minutes as the coach has a meeting to run off to so Bob is taking the calls for the last 30. :lol:

Coach liked all 4 qb's.
Still looking for that 'guy' who can return punts and kickoffs.

LaPolice's meeting ended early so he's back on for the last 15 minutes.

He's sure a breath of fresh air, isn't he?

I wonder if CJOB is actually screening the calls this year...just curious. Didn't hear anybody call in and ask for Troy to be brought back last night... :lol:

lapo got off easy last night :stuck_out_tongue: the 20 min meeting he had to attend was taken normally where the kinda morons call in but yesterday, i dunno they had a couple rambling on about nothing calls but irving took those ones :stuck_out_tongue: lapo got some decent questions thrown his way tho. I think maybe they are screening calls because all of the voices werent the normal ones.