LaPo on TSN

To me, LaPolice is the best addition that TSN has made to its crew in years. If you have time to check out his Coach's Playbook segments on TSN's site, do so -- they're worth it. He breaks down a technical aspect of the game in about a minute and a half. He's still working on his TV persona, so his delivery isn't as smooth as it could be, but I always find his segments informative, even when I know something of the subject already (i.e. the "switching" segment).

IMO they should get him in the booth doing colour commentary as soon as they can. He brings so much knowledge to the table that I'd much rather hear him during a game than Suitor or Forde.

I didn't like him very much last season. But he's a lot more fluid and comfortable this year. :thup:

Definitely he's less stiff and more fluid. That's a normal transition for football people.

For sure on that. Same thing happened with/to Stegall. . . he was really stiff in front of the camera first season, but he's really grown into the role.

....LaPolice would make a great coach.....hey wait a minute.... :lol: Paul has a great mental capacity for the game...he is very good at dissecting and a very good strategist ....didn't translate into a very good coach (mitigating circumstances galore) BUT I think he'll eventually move back into a head coaching job ...I know he's turned a few clubs down because the position orrrrr the money wasn't right...BUT don't count LaPolice out of heading up another franchise, behind the bench in the future ( hello leos).. :wink:

Agree about how good Stegall has become.

One thing that drives me crazy about TSNs coverage is how quickly they run to Sports Centre right after a game finishes, like they cant get there quickly enough. They should be giving us some analysis or an interview or two, particularly after a thrilling game like Edm. - Ham. on Fri. night.

I think most fans head to the radio coverage after games. I know, I do. Oddly enough RDS does a much better job after the game than TSN does.

Arguably the most informative piece I've seen on TSN's CFL site in years. Well done, Paul. I learned a ton from reading this short article on protection calls at the line.

Hey if he managed to beat trestman for the east in 2011 he must be worth something. right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think if he gets another opportunity he will be a much better HC. No more Mr. Nice Lapolice... He let Mack walk all over him in Winnipeg. I'm sure he's learned his lesson.

LaPo would be on my short list of HC candidates, with Mark Washington, Barron Miles, and Mark Nelson.

Hmm. All good candidates, but given the plight of our offence, shouldn't we be looking for a HC who is from an offensive background?

LaPo is from the offensive side of things. If we hire one of the others, we’ll need a good offensive coordinator for sure. I was at this point only thinking in terms of head coach. I still think that instead of bringing in Higgins, we should have promoted Thorpe to head coach, not necessarily because he deserves it, but because it would have allowed us to promote Mark Nelson to defensive coordinator and keep Ottawa’s hands off him. He’s done quite well with what he has to work with on the Afro-Communists defence. I think I’d prefer him running our defence as opposed to Thorpe. Ah well, that ship has sailed.

They need the best Head Coach they can find, regardless of background. Someone who can manage all the pieces (competing roster priorities, egos of players and coaches, working with the GM, etc.) and control the whole team but delegate authority appropriately. The HC can set a philosophy for either side of the ball, or both (all three if ST are given their proper due), and have coordinators of a like mind to implement.

Beyond who gets the HC job, I am curious to see how the rest of the staff gets filled out. Will any coached be imposed or will the new guy have complete flexibility for coordinators and position coaches.

Nelson would be an interesting choice, if only to see if he would keep Thorpe (his old boss) or whether Thorpe would stay if offered.

I prefer Communist - African Americans myself, but anything to avoid using the worst team name since at least the Mighty Ducks.