Lapo new OC???

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George Cortez is apparently out as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach - not even two years after his arrival incited considerable blaring of trumpets. A source confides that Paul LaPolice is the Riders' first choice to succeed Cortez. Plan B would be Jacques Chapdelaine.
I hope it is Lapo, though I fear he will land elsewhere.

I would rather stick with Cortez than Jacques Chapdelaine.

I agree but can't help thinking the Lions will be giving him a good hard look for HC. Now that Cortez is done though will BC turn an eye towards him being the new HC?

Yes they do say they are considering Chappy which in my opinion would be a huge huge mistake. The guy did nothing in BC the last two years. Cortez may be an a## but at least he isn't a dumb a##

Would Khari Jones be someone the Riders would look at for OC?

He would have to be released from BC first.

I think Lapo has a really cushy job with TSN and it will only be for a lot of $$$ and a another Head Coach job, that could pull him away from TSN - less stress being an analyst, way less head aches too. IMHO

Jones? I hope not. His 2 stints have been less than impressive.

I won't be shocked at all if Lapo is in the coaching ranks in 2015. Infact I would be more shocked if he wasn't.
#1 option for Lapo would be something opening in Bomberland and him getting it...can't see it
#2 OC in Sask, with not to distant high potential of moving up, and close to Winnipeg. He is easily the front runner
#3, which is very close to #2, is BC as HC, but far from Winnipeg. He is likely the front runner or in the top couple. A fear for him may be working under the erver looming Wally

never ,ever will he be back in winnipeg

People need to remember what they said about guys 5+ years ago.

This board was full of people wanting Lapo toast as OC..............same with Marcel B. Now 4 years removed we all of a sudden love Lapo.

My opinion............its BC head coaching or bust for Lapo. I don't see him going into a coordinator role?

Wait for Wally to make his move.

how soon people forget hey/

The big issue when Lapo was around was that DD was not at all a pocket QB, and he was transitioning him into that, and both Lapo and Crandell were the wrong guys to help with that transition. Sure, they went on a loosing skid at the end of the season with a dinged up line (largely because DD didn’t know how to deal with being in the pocket when the OL struggled yet), but the big difference with Lapo…players could discuss things with him and he was open to adjusting…with Cortez…not so much. Cortez is hands down capable of being the best GM in the CFL, but his stubbornness towards the players, other staff, and often the willingness to change in a game can be a hindrance. Sometimes that stubbornness pays off…we’ve seen that…but how often do people comment about a playbook that works for 2-3 drives being all of the sudden closed and never looked at again? What about the lack of short passes when the D has their ears pinned back? Cortez gets a plan in his mind and is just too damned stubborn to adjust. I guarantee that if Chamblin knew how to run an O he would have taken over during the season at times. The difference with Lapo is that when a guy goes to the sideline and discusses some tendencies the D is showing or opportunities they see…Cortez will tuck it away and probably use it IF it is a big play later, but for the most part stick to his guns…Lapo will most likely adjust to it expose it pretty quickly…talking to a wall vs talking to something accommodating.

The thing that people also have to remember is that Lapo has more experience now and has had lots of opportunity to study other teams and their tendencies while working with TSN. He can put that knowledge to good use exposing other teams defenses. I'm sure he is also a bit wiser and knows how to deal with players even better now.

From Pedersons latest post (s)

1 - AN EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT: It may be way too soon to predict the Saskatchewan Roughriders will announce their offensive and defensive coordinators this week however head coach Corey Chamblin hinted seven days ago that, if things fall into place, he could have the O.C. hired by this week. Rumours abound that Chamblin's #1 choice is Paul Lapolice and it appears the feeling is mutual. Sportsnet's Arash Madani added fuel to the fire on Friday's SportsCage on 620 CKRM by reporting the latest of what he knows.

Madani said B.C. Lions GM Wally Buono has declared he's in no rush to name his new head coach and a Sportsnet report late last week stated the front-runner for the B.C. job is Jeff Tedford. Madani said Lapolice isn't prepared to wait around for the Lions' decision and if the Saskatchewan offer is too his liking, he's prepared to sign here. All signs point to the star of TSN's Coaches Playbook returning to the Wheat Province. Having said that, there are still several options out there for the Riders to pick from.

2 - AS FOR THE DEFENSE: Chamblin brought up on multiple occasions in his Tuesday media scrum that he himself is a candidate for the vacant defensive coordinator position. While I was told over the weekend Chamblin is also strongly considering Mike Benevides for the job, some players have told me Chamblin might as well give himself the position. They feel Corey's in control of the defense anyway, and they're comfortable with that scenario.

3 - THE COMMISSIONER SEARCH: With Mark Cohon's early exit from the Commissioner's office taking place in January, the search for his replacement must have accelerated. TSN's Jock Climie has been rumoured to be in position for the job while some have suggested Argonauts executive Mike "Pinball" Clemons could be an ideal candidate. Who knows if the search committee will suggest either one of these guys but there seems to be an appetite for a "football guy" for the position. So far I haven't heard of a timetable for an announcement.

4 - SAME GOES FOR THE RIDER PRESIDENCY: Has there been a more secretive search than the one for Jim Hopson's replacement as President & CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders? There have been NO names disclosed publicly but they must be getting close to a decision. Some of the shortlist candidates have told me they've been informed that they won't be getting the job. Since we're halfway through December, you'd have to think an announcement will be made some time in January.

Meanwhile interviews are being conducted this week for the next head coach of the University of Regina Rams. From what I can gather, Calgary Stampeders assistant coach Marc Mueller is not in the mix. Mueller has been tight-lipped on the subject but told me Sunday, "I'm very happy with where I am".

While surfing Twitter on the way back from California on Thursday I saw the ridiculous rumour that Paul McCallum had applied for the Rams coaching job. Turns out the Vancouver reporter who broke the "scoop" meant former Rams lineman Tom McCallum.

This WAS very true, but my understanding is that the handshake deal may have fallen through. I am not saying it has, but I have heard so from what I consider a pretty reliable source. That person gave me reasoning behing that, which I will not repeat, especially until we see the finality of it all. Pretty disapopinting if there is any truth in what went down.

they better do something soon, we don't want to be left with all the 3rd rate coasches that no one really wants , I hope they can get lapolice in here soon.

Well to me if they go with Chappy and Benevidies then that is what we are going to have 3rd rate coaches. Failures from the Lions. Neither has a job now with the Lions because of the ineffectiveness so is that who we want running our team? I really hope not or we could be going back to the dark days of uncompetitive teams. That the organization simply can not have with a new stadium on the horizon it need a strong competitive team that will keep the fan base growing in order to fill that stadium.

Strong positive coaches that know how to win is the base for that competitive team. To me neither Chappy or Benevides emulate that.

You do know that both Chapdelaine and Benevides have Grey Cup rings as coordinators, right? If you want coaches who have never failed, you'll be looking a long time...

In fact, you got your last Grey Cup behind coordinators who had both failed elsewhere (Cortez and Hall).

I think Benevides is a pretty solid DC in all honesty. Do not really like him as a HC, but DC...sure.

Chapdelaine has some skills, sure, but his team's offensive production have basically went down year after year when he was an OC. Now that doesn't tell the whole story, I fully admit that, but it is a pretty bad sign. I personally don't think he is a horrid choice or anything, there are simply other candidates I would look at first...that's just me....he has had a couple good years of results mixed into mediocrity and decaying numbers wherever he lands.

No arguing that Chap's been up and down, but you have to consider the failings of the GM. He went to Edmonton when Edmonton was a black hole for coaches and players, then went back to BC where he won a Grey Cup as OC in 2011. But Wally hasn't been able to field a decent O-line for that team in years. It's telling that most of the prominent QB examples of team clinic over the years come from BC originally (Pierce, Dickenson, Lulay). Their line protection is awful and that's going to affect any team's ability to be successful on offence.

Sure coaches fail and then go on to have good careers but what has either coaches done in the last couple of years? The Lions have not been good under Beneviedies so why would he be good on the Riders? Chappy has not been in the CFL for a couple of years but even when he was with the Lions I remember hearing Lion's fans saying he was no good. Lapo I think while not having success with the Bombers I think it has more to do with the players and GM they had at the time then anything to do with his abilities. Lapo has had a couple of years analyzing and I think it has given him some tools to break down other teams offenses and defenses better. I think he would be a good choice as an OC even though he has "failed" in the past.

It doesn't explain why he gets consistently worse stats every year. Like I said, he has some skills, but it is way too consistent of a trend to ignore. Beyond that a big reason Cortez has been displaced is his hard to approach, unbending and confrontational manner...Chapdelaine isn't exactly taking that in a different all. They better sign a QB coach, because I don't see him and DD having a super relationship...that's half+ the reason why he stated he would prefer an independent QB coach to begin with. I'm not saying it can't be a good fit...who knows, maybe the dynamics seem to be there, it just seems like an out of place move to me.