LaPo Needs to use different player's in certain situations!!

I know my post was supposed to be about LaPo using different player’s in certain situations, but i would like to point out a few things to begin with.

We had a great win against the ESKS last week, a blowout to be exact and then the Esks come back and beat the Lions and unless anything changes with the Esks and Lions before seasons end there will only be 2 West teams in the playoffs, CGY and SASK. I might remind you that the Ti-Cats have many problems as well, OC and QB are the 2 main ones, but i feel that the Cats are just not buying into MB’S philosophy anymore and there “could” be more problems in the dressing room than the fans and media know of. Hamilton is slipping fast and I believe that T.O is due to start stumbling very soon as well, i am not saying the Bombers are a better team, but we have the personal and player’s to make a charge for #2 and a playoff spot.

Without the early season injuries i strongly believe we could be 3-2 easily, we kept it close in CGY and Burris was on his game, so a 3 point loss is not bad but a win would’ve been better. We also should have beat the Argos a few weeks back, if that would of happened we could be 4-1, T.O played a better game and barely beat us, same goes for CGY.

Jyles played 2 solid games as a backup and i have confidence in his ability if we have to use him more this season, no offense to Jyles but we need Buck back a.s.a.p. Word is he wants to play in Hamilton this weekend, but honestly i cannot see him playing for at least another 1-2 weeks!

Our injuries since day 1 cost us at least one or two games in my opinion ---- January, Donnelly (2 starters) and Craver would make our team that much better, but this is football and injuries happen. Recently Marellus Bowman went down and i hope he returns fairly quick because i feel he is a good player. Armond Willis was on the PR and active roster, now he is on the IR, wow!! never seen too much of him though so no worries. Dorian Smith is a good player but a think when he returns he WILL not be starting with Hopkins playing the way he is.

I am happy with the steady improvement on defense and player’s like Kent, Brady Browne, Suber and Stewart are showing signs of improvement every game, the defense will gel and be pretty good sooner than later. We also added Merrill Johnson to our active roster and will be on ST for awhile but this guy has promise at LB as well.

For the life of me i still do not understand why LaPo is not playing Bernard in the backfield, even to give Reid a rest, Reid is a great back but having a good player like Bernard on the bench is really confusing and frustrating, LaPo used a 2 back system in Sask and he should do the same here to keep the opponents on there toes.

I think Jovon Johnson is one of the most exciting returners in the league, but i also don’t like seeing him as a returner and i cringe everytime he takes the ball, we can’t lose a good CB like Johnson to injury. We have Davis, Howell, Bernard who are all capable of returning kicks.

I also noticed we put Donald Brown on the PR, thank god, his defensive play was horrible and i think he is a ST player at best.
I would also like to get a look at Beasley (who can also return kicks) sometime soon!!

How is Quarterback a problem for the Ti-Cats? Do winnipeg fans even watch ticat games or do they just assume Kevin Glenn is having a bad season because, “Blue Bomber fans know him best”. :roll:

He’s tied for third in touchdowns, is second in completion percentage, third in yards. And has 3 interceptions on the season none of which were his fault at all.

And yet how many games have the Cats won? Good numbers but no results. That's what Winnipeg fans have been saying.

stats dont mean a thing really.

bombers put up 500 yards of offense vs the argos and lost.

glenn threw for 500 last season vs the als and lost.

stats are over rated.

i dont think qb is the problem in hamilton tho, id go with lack of run game aswell as a secondary that isnt as good as ud expect them to be. aswell as problems on the oline and i do agree that their could be locker room issues, im just gonna throw this out there.. but could there on field problems somehow be related to their off field issues. really, as much as it blows, right now.. NONE of us are very sure if hamilton will even have a team in a couple years, not due to lack of support but lack of stadium. they could move to ottawa or moncton. its possible. could all the stadium talk in hamilton be partially to blame for their slow start?

gotta think distractions like that arent easy to avoid.

perhaps the O P has a point about mb's system. perhaps the players dont buy it. i dunno. something is going on there.

....referencing the initial post here.....I believe that Pierce and Jyles are going to be the best tandem in the CFL shortly....if they aren't already....I don't like platooning qbs....such as the esks. are trying to do with Ray and Zabransky....(the relief for Ray comes in for a play and disappears)...I think THAT use of the qb. position is detrimental in that it breaks the continuity of play...I say you start one qb. and if he falters the no 2 takes over...(other than having a no2 qb. substitute on short yardage) I'm confident in each of Bucks and Jyles abilities to run our offence now....especially after these last two games...We're solid

...injuries are wreaking havoc with us recently...I don't know how we can progress in other positions, with the continual changes and trips to the injury list....We are definitely getting a look at how others perform, for the first stringers ,but i don't think we're injecting players into different situations / positions by choice...One thing that's really bugging me is why we haven't seen Bernard yet this year....I think it's time for Fred to sit a game and rest his sore leg (he limps noticeably if you watch closely)..It's not as if Bernard is 'green' at running back and he looked decent in a few games last year....Time for a change...I'd also like to see Watson back in the line-up...give Ralph a break.....

...lastly i'd like to see some different that i mean how about a fake-punt...or something like the ol flea flicker...It keeps the opposition on their toes and makes us a lot less predictable...I know LaPo likes to stick to the sound fundamental game but a little razzle-dazzle wouldn't hurt...Keeps the fans happy and the players loose :wink:

I realize the cats are 1-4. But in no way can you blame him for any of those losses. I realize that's difficult for some of you to understand because Glenn can do nothing right in the eyes of bomber fans. reading a few posters on the cats site, i'd say Glenn has his own detractors right in his own back-yard...never mind here :wink:

Having just watched the Tabbies live, their secondary looked fine to me. No obviously open guys, no blown coverages, etc.

If they had problems, it was a lack of QB pressure (there were zero sacks by both teams), and making costly mistakes. The latter is really a component of “knowing how to win”. The Tabbies haven’t learned that yet, and that can often be the difference when you play less than your best. A blocked punt. Two muffed balls that turned into INT’s. A dropped INT of their own, a couple bad penalties, and blammo, it’s another loss.

The Riders didn’t play a dramatically better game. They were better on special tems, but were awful in the red zone, and AB3 shredded Frazier. The difference, they didn’t make the kind of killer mistakes Hamilton did. Instead, at 2nd and 10, DD makes a first down with his legs, that 3 plays later turns into a TD. The difference between winning and losing is a small one, and is often just that “knowing how to win”.

I don’t buy into that whole stadium uncertainty thing. CFL player lifespans are way to short to worry about anything that may or may not happen in 2015. The Coyotes made the playoffs last year with no owner and no fans in their rink, and the same if not more uncertainty about their team’s fate.

Come on get real stats do not mean much and yes we do know Glenn better, we know he is a hot-cold QB, one good game and then 2 bad games. So yes we do know more about Glenn than anyone else. I have said this for many years and also told Cat fans that but if you think he is your answer this season you are in for a very long season.

You're pretty horny over slamming Glenn. He was better than Buck in the game they won, very good in Regina, solid if not spectacular against Calgary. Other than Game 1, what's he done that is so bad?

Besides, if they beat the Bombers Saturday (and I for one think they will), they're ahead of you.

....the Cats better bring their A plus game and make it error free to beat us ....The Bombers realize how important this home and home is and the tale will be told for both clubs after these next two...We'll see :wink:

Well there’s no doubt these next two games between Hamilton and Winnipeg will be a lot closer than the first two were. :thup:

Oh, there's always doubt. . .

The forgotten man is Bernard, hard to believe they haven't been able to get him on the roster yet.

Good article in the Sun today (can't really believe I just said that) that I think answers that...

[url=] ... 38216.html[/url]

“Fred picked up all the blitzes against a blitzing team last week. Their defensive ends wouldn’t even rush the passer after he cut them twice. They just kind of stood back when he went over to them.

“So he’s a valuable asset. And obviously we’re always going to get him his throws, so he’s an integral part of our offence.?

The quirkiest stat in all the negativity surrounding Reid is that he has a way better career yard per carry average (6.2) than Roberts (5.4). And Reid’s average this year is even better, at 6.3 yards per haul.

Fredie's been good, I'm not one of those complaining about his stats or anything. He is a home run hitter, reminds me of Keith in his glory days in Regina, you could stuff that guy all day long, but then, bang, he'd rip off a 70 yard run on you.

I just hate to see another asset like Bernard wasting on the sidelines when we can find room for 2 NI full backs on the roster who don't see the ball even once all day. If Reid is such a fine blocker, why the heck are we dressing 2 NI full backs ?

Good question...are the FBs just better special teamers than Bernard?

Because you need to dress 20 Canadians.

For sure the ratio applies, but it wouldn't be too difficult to get another import on the roster either.

Could be. But it won't be at the expense of a NI fullback.