Lansdowne to be renamed TD Place


Good for the league to have a high profile sponsor, and good for Ottawa.

I understand it is a reality that everything is about money, but I think its too bad there is no more Ivor Wynne, Lansdowne, etc.

Cool to finally put the speculation to rest.

Was wondering who was going to get the naming rights to the stadium. Interesting.

Great signing, just like in the Peg and in the Hammer it's great to see how our stadiums are garnering big money for naming rights and going straight to the teams.

Some of these stadiums are garnering $1M/year. Combined with the new TV money, these clubs have their salary cap spending covered right there. That's a great head start to breaking even or posting profit.
( I am aware there are many other expenses to operating a CFL team)

With this new money for the league and the teams, let's hope it translates down to the players where it belongs as finally they can get their just rewards with the new and substantial salary cap increase.

I've always disliked it as well. I realize the seeming necessity but it's always left a bad taste.

But it's not new money the naming rights are being used to pay for new stadiums or upgrades to stadiums. The naming rights in Hamilton will go directly to the City to pay for TH Field. The naming rights for Lansdowne will go to OSEG, who will use it to pay for the stadium. When cities are building or upgrading stadiums, teams are expected to contribute towards it.

BMO Field has the highest naming rights in Canada, $27 Million

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I think the next step will be Naming Rights for the Grey Cup. The Bowl Games in the US are named that way. Could be similar where they keep the Grey Cup name but something like "The Rogers Grey Cup" or the "Wendy's Grey Cup"

mikemwrote: BMO Field has the highest naming rights in Canada, $27 Million
And it should, it's located right beside the main expressway leading to Canada's largest city and the financial capital of the country, very visible. Bob Young tried to get the city of Hamilton to do likewise in order to make more money for the city and the TigerCats but that was shot down by the council who chose otherwise.

that is not entirely accurate mikem.

In an agreement with the City of Hamilton, Bob Young owns the naming rights for the stadium whereas $750,000 of the proceeds will go to the City per year.
Considering Tim Hortons signed a very lucrative deal worth a reported $1-$1.5 million per year, (over 10 years) the TiCats/Young made out quite well, especially for a stadium they do not own.

and the club's rent at THF is only $450,000 per year, all of which should entail a profitable future for the organization from here on in.

You never drive on the Gardiner do you? Otherwise you would know it's about as invisible as it could be. The only way I even know it's there is because of Google Maps....

For those that haven't driven...

The view eastbound...,-79.424663&spn=0.000016,0.011362&t=h&z=17&layer=c&cbll=43.633952,-79.424663&panoid=CCzm1rZ0iNvXkYWBPC_UPg&cbp=12,58.3,,0,0

The view westbound...,-79.415156&spn=0.000016,0.011362&t=h&z=17&layer=c&cbll=43.636753,-79.415155&panoid=-pqp8pu5MEnE4O9cT4ygRg&cbp=12,250.11,,0,-0.68

And that is not entirely accurate either. What do you determine as “rent”? the City also will get a percentage of the “Private Suites” on top of that and the city also gets a percentage of advertising revenue around the stadium, that is unknown at this time because they are still selling advertising space.

Either way my point was whether it’s Hamilton, or Winnipeg teams will contribute towards a new stadium or stadium improvements. The Ottawa situation is different since the owners are running and maintaining the stadium they will get their revenue to maintain the stadium through things like the naming rights.

Good choice for name, can't wait for Field Goal Field. :cowboy:

EvidDoctor wrote: You never drive on the Gardiner do you?
Not for a while I haven't and to be honest, what I remember seeing is the stadium, not the sign. That being said, when I see the stadium driving on the Gardiner I think to myself that's BMO Field.

TD's all around...

I drove on the Gardiner last May and it's right there in the EX, running alongside the Food Building it's easy to see if you are going East into Toronto. It may be more difficult to see going the other way because of the 6 lanes and that big concrete divider. Sounds like EvilDoctor hasn't driven on the Gardiner for awhile or he's not looking. If they put that second tier up and the roof over the stands it will stick out even more.

I still say, in regards to naming rights, Mosaic Stadium @ Taylor Field is the right way to do it. You get to sponsor the stadium, or the field not both and there is an understanding that the league will make an effort with it's partners to put your name out front, but keep the cultural name.

It at least has the virtue of giving the team some $$ and keeping the original name. But I still don't like the idea of publicly funded venues being named after private corporations. If the place was actually built by the corp it's named after I'd feel different. Here in Lethbridge, we have the Enmax Centre (hockey), Spitz Field (baseball) and Credit Union Centre (Uni basketball). Not a cent from any of those entities went towards construction; they've just ponied up a few bucks to get their name out and are able to deduct those costs, and pat themselves on the back for being "good corporate citizens".

By the same token Gern, you or me can buy a nice park bench in a city park or conservation area for probably about a $300 - $500 donation and have a little plaque on the bench "donated by so and so". Just saying. You get your name in public for not much money. You didn't build the bench or install it. You just sponsored it. And you get no revenue at all other than personal satisfaction of a "kindly" deed for your community.