Lansdowne Redevelopment/CFL (Community Discussion - Nov 19)

FYI, regarding the redevelopment of Lansdowne and, hopefully, the return of CFL football to Ottawa:

"A community discussion focusing on the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park will take place on November 19, 2007, at the Glebe Community Centre. Please check our web site at for more details. Everybody is welcome"

Hope we can get plenty of CFL football fans to attend.

Football team or no football team still sounds like a great project for Ottawa.

Yes it looks like a great project and it seems to be moving fast, this is the latest.

I like the Mayor’s comment about “any design must include CFL Football”

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I like that we're hearing from councillors that are for it, aside from the mayor. Up until now, I only ever saw Hume and Doucet quoted about this international competition nonsense.

Here's hoping CFL football is getting closer to coming back to the Nations Capital.

It will for sure. They've needed a new stadium for a long time, or redevelopment which would probably mean they're rebuilding it. If its outdoors make it something never been done before, make it the envy of the league. And make the seats go all the way around, i mean when BC was selling out BC Place all the time in the mid 80's we had barely a million people i think. I don't see why they shouldn't have a stadium that holds like 60,000. I'm sure people in Ottawa would love something like that, they certainly have the population for it.

It would be nice to see our nations capital have a really nice stadium.

Couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately I think 60,000 is a little ambitious …

The only plans I’ve seen of the “new” version of Frank Clair stadium is the same North stand, and then 3 equal-height (but lower) stands on the other 3 sides of the field. Hopefully, it will hold 25,000-30,000, and it will have to be able to accommodate expansion … I hope it will create a situation much like that in Montreal!

I agree with CanucKev - 60,000 is a bit too large for that market. Where did you see plans of the new version? I'd be curious to see those.

But without a capacity of 60,000 (minimum!), it'll kill our chances of scoring an NFL franchise! I don't think there's another team called the Rough Riders in the NFL. It'd be perfect.


[quote="CanucKev"]Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately I think 60,000 is a little ambitious ...quote]

I say go for it ! Why not have a stadium with 60, 000? Ottawa is way overdue for a new stadium. Why not dream big for a change... And if the CFL folds, why not have an NFL team some day called the Rough Riders after Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver get theirs. Ottawa is one of the oldest (1876) football markets in the world, so I say...."Why not ?" That's the problem with Canadians, whether we want to admit it or not, we think small and cheap all the time.

With the stadiums now being built in some NFL cities, I don't see how it would be possible to build a new state-of-the-art facility that the NFL desires. You're now looking at at least minimum $400 mill to build something the NFL wants. Who in Canada would build that unless you absolutely knew you were getting a team.

Why am I not surprised that the Glebites reacted in this manner? Definitely not a scientific poll; rather a reflection on the attitudes of the immediate neighbourhood surrounding the park. These are the same people that complain every year about the EX and other outdoor concerts. Go figure.

I can hardly see a weekend farmer's market being the underlying factor for disallowing a stadium though.

This city will never sell Lansdowne.......common sense takes a back seat to politics unfortunately. So the talk of stadium design is futile IMHO.

I've sent my letter to my councilor and will voice my support in favor of some sort of public/private deal for Lansdowne but if history is any indication...... this ain't gonna happen.

With the amount of space available, I don't see how 90% of the people couldn't be satisfied. O'brien said that most of the Lansdowne had to be included, but perhaps they could negotiate that part of it to leave a park area at the other end for things like a farmer's market.

For that matter, screw the U.S. retailer and leave the Aberdeen pavillion for the market.

I think I kow what he’s referring to; the Ottawa Citizen had obtained a copy of the plan. I’ll see if I have it squirreled away somewhere.

The drawing did raise one concern; it seemed as though the entire seating area was covered and went around at least one endzone. It didn’t look as though additional seating could have been installed for, say, a Grey Cup game.

transition verb: to make so hypothetical as to deprive of significance;

This thread should be used to gather the troops.

No need to discuss stadiums or possible Ottawa names.........have you written your councilor expressing your support? the newspapers?

Councillor: Yes
Mayor: yes (quite some time ago...maybe he's due for a refresher)
Newspapers: No
Commish: Yes (numerous times)

Screw the Glebe Community Association. Those Glebe homeowners knew damn well they were buying near a sports stadium when they did. Landsdowne is owned by all the residents of Ottawa, not just the left wing, sandal wearing Glebites. They are hypocrites and old hippies who don't like sports in general unless it's bicycling, jogging or nature walking. They make me sick. Socialist commies.

Wow.. this has to be one the most classless posts Ive seen in this forum.. no wonder Ottawa doesnt have a team anymore... :thdn: