Lansdowne Park in Trouble?

Seems that Lansdowne Park may be in rougher shape than was initially thought. Perhaps the other side of the stands along with the Civic Centre underneath it, will need to be replaced as well. If this comes to pass, and the Jeff Hunt owned 67's in fact need a new home, how will that affect the CFL's chances of returning to Ottawa.

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Thanks for the link. The Sunshine Girl was incredible. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding aside, it's amazing that Ottawa City Council has been mired in inertia over Lansdowne Live for how long now (he asks rhetorically), fussing about $80 million or $100 million to revitalize the city's only major stadium. Meanwhile here in B.C., the world capital of bureaucracy, the provincial government announced plans for a $365 million facelift for B.C. Place without batting an eye, and the only rebuke so far has been from (not surprisingly) the opposition NDP.

Granted, part of the reno is to spruce up the stadium for the world stage - part of it's for a new (retractable) roof that has to be replaced. But it's amazing what happens when a higher level of government gets involved with the determination to get something pushed through.

I can see it now, Melnyk unleashing thousands of termites and paying kids to systematically vandalize landsdowne and make it look like the place is worse than they thought LOL. All jokes aside, does old Eugene still want that soccer stadium as bad as before? Even though he lost his bid on that MLS expansion? What does it mean for Hunts bid for the CFL if he has to get renovations done to the rink where his hockey team plays out of? I'll put on my tinfoil hat and say it's a conspiracy to totally screw over Hunt since Melnyk can't have his way.LOL

Maybe some good may come of all this. Perhaps if the arena is razed along with those set of stands then maybe an even better stadium can be built along with a new arena of 7-10,000 seats.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the whole thing completely demolished to be honest with you.

Yes a new arena for the OHL team and a brand new stadium for football. Brought to you by the Hunt group of companies.
My CFL includes Ottawa and Quebec City.

Yup. They will probably save tens of millions in the long run by building new. And to think that some in Ottawa are even contemplating not having ANY stadium is pretty ludicrous.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it sounds as if the Mayor is one of the good guys trying to get something done. That he's surrounded by jackasses and tree huggers that only want to dither and delay and who will end up costing the city untold fortunes because of it, doesn't surprise me. I just hope that the Hunt partnership can hang in long enough to see this through, even if it takes another 10 years and untold millions more.

When is the next civic election there?

  1. Can't come fast enough. The current council could get lost in a phone booth.

O'brien was one of the first on board, then he seemed to be leaning the other way. He said it wasn't about sports but where we wanted our outdoor concerts, then he tried to suggest other sites. All of a sudden, Lansdowne Park is a priority again. I hppe he keeps that mood for another couple of weeks.

I'll still give a small answer...they supposedly spent $3M to spruce up the place for the FIFA U20 (or something) event in 2007, but damned if you could tell where it was applied. New signage for sure, but apparently not to remove old ones because there are still "Get your tickets now!" ads for the 2004 Grey Cup inside.

As much as I want football back in Ottawa, I think, that this hurts the LL Group. What is stopping the city council now, of just saying
“let’s just bulldoze the whole thing, save us the millions it would take to fix and maintain the building, and let them build their stadium somewhere else. Then we can do what we (council) want with the property then, maybe put up an opera house.”
What happens to the 67’s. What a kick in the teeth if Mr Hunt has to take his team and play in Kanata!!

No disrespect to any Ottawa fan but, maybe it's time to talk about Quebec city?

Money, or lack thereof. LL right now is offering to put $100M into building a large part of the park. If they turn that away, the entire cost of renovating it falls to the city to pony up. And they can't afford it.

Something that gets forgotten about the park; its biggest money-maker is conventions. Many of them make use of the civic center underneath the stadium. So even if you were to reduce cost on the hand by doing away with the stadium (and even that action costs something), you'd be losing revenue on the other because some of those conventions are too large to just pack up and go somewhere else. So they just wouldn't come here.

This, by the way, looks good on city council. They're finally at least admitting that they've neglected the park far too long and now it's coming back to bite them. Serves them right. I believe all but two of them are at least on their second terms so they've been around a number of years now and they waste no opportunity to show how incompetent they are.

I think Hunt has already said that's not an option. He's being a pretty cool customer about it, but I don't know what he'd do if the place was scheduled to come down, really. If he's worried he's awful good at not showing it.

Here' s why this isn't impacting my enjoyment of my weekend though; the two groups present their final proposal on Monday. For all I know, they're going to adapt their bid to reflect this. When they launched Lansdowne Live it was WAY different than their first vision as a response to feedback. If the bid hasn't changed, then I'll be a little nervous.

No disprespect taken, but whatever happens in Ottawa has no real impact on whether or not Quebec City should be looked at. It’s not as though Ottawa is keeping Quebec City from consideration. I’d recommend looking at them even if everything was rosy.

You’d see the same thing you always see though; no stadium on the horizon and no prospective ownership group.

Isn't today a BIG decision day on the Ottaw stadium? City Council was reviewing the Lansdowne Live proposal, I think?

Anyone have any information? Desperate to see this happen for Ottawa and the CFL!

CFRA announced that the Lansdowne bid is getting the better response mostly due to the accompanying business plan. Apparently the business plan components tied to the soccer stadium proposal were not seen as being very realistic.

Holy c**p, could this process be any slower?!!!! I thought this was the end of the debate on the stadium. Now, the way I read things, Ottawa's city council is going to be reviewing whether or not they need a stadium or all. I'm very dissapointed with this. I mean, if it comes down to sewers or a stadium, who do you think is going to win?

Listen to this quote:

"I think this is going to be an important start to a very important debate," said Mayor Larry O'Brien.

Start??? The debate has been raging for 2 years already!! How many more years is it going to take?

Here are the links to the Ottawa Citizen articles today:

[url=] ... story.html[/url] [url=] ... story.html[/url] [url=] ... story.html[/url]

How in the world does a moron like this get elected?

"Councillor Gord Hunter says that, with the exception of hockey, Ottawans seem more interested in taking part in sports and watching their children in them than paying money to watch pro games."

It's Ottawa everybody, if there is any place in this country other than our provincial capitols and city halls, where would you think the political process and game of analyzing, reanalyzing, assessing, reassessing, pondering, repondering, consulting, reconsulting, debating, redating, networking, renetworking, contacting, recontacting etc. would happen the most? You got it, our nation's capital. And no debating this I hope, this is how politicians are able to make a living and a very good living at that, squeezing out just a bit more on this issue and that issue to make themselves actually feel they are really VIP's making the country tick. :wink:

the LL group should take their money, buy some big piece of land elsewhere in the city, and just build a new park. Then the city gets no cut of revenues on operating days except whatever local taxes they can levy, they get stuck with a rotting venue that they have to pay the whole cost for taking down or fixing (and then they have no tenants period), and they pretty much then have no say in what goes on with the facility. Maybe they could build in Gatineau even?

it’d only be an extra 135 mil out of their pocketbooks if one goes by Asper’s accounting, and they’d get 5000 more seats building it at a new site like he is. they’d make all the money from the facility as opposed to sharing revenues or paying lease money to the city that way.

That's not a bad idea kristjan. Up the anty and watch the dithering politicians squirm. I'd bet they would be falling all over themselves to support it in the hopes that nobody remembers that they were the ones that screwed up the Lansdowne deal.