Lansdowne Live Project passed!

After 13 hours of debate/meeting, the Lansdowne Live Project has been passed - 15 yeahs, 9 neahs... CFL football is coming back to the Nation's Capital. :rockin:


Awesome news

Fantastic news and with a local ownership group to boot! The CFL is a better league with a team from our nation's capital in it. :thup:

Agreed Earl. Lets just hope this really is the time to celebrate, and there won’t be yet another vote to worry about farther down the line. I have a nagging feeling that it’s not over yet.

I'm not sure if there's a slower more less productive city council than the one in Ottawa. Seems like it takes 6 months for them to vote on anything.

This was actually the second vote on the same thing, with apparently minor changes in between. The outcome was exactly the same as the first time. This is why I'm sceptical that this really is the last time they vote on this.

I suppose you are talking only Canada, but otherwise I'd put up Washington DC, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, much of New Jersey and probably some others up against Ottawa in this regard, but I don't think that is a contest most of us either would want to see or think about.

Sure but do they vote TWICE on everything in a nine month period?

Are you thinking they haven't left enough time in between?

Just cross your fingers that no one finds some sort of endangered moss on the bathroom walls of the old stadium, or the place will be designated an environmentally sensitive area faster than you can say beaurocratic nightmare. And if that happens, signs will go up warning everyone to stay the hell off of everything so as to preserve the moss.....

Fantastic news!

Great news looking forward to the Rough Riders hitting the field.

The first was a conditional approval. OSEG had to meet those conditions in order to be fully approved so council met to review whether they did.

Of course, those opposed wanted to reiterate their stance and try to find ways to kill it still, but that's the reason for the two votes.

....sounds positive.....This league needs a successful Ottawa team back...The sooner the better.. :thup:

Ottawa is a step closer to bringing the Canadian Football League back to the nation's capital.

Ottawa City Council voted in favour of the Lansdowne redevelopment plan by a vote of 15 to 9 on Monday. It took 13 hours to finally arrive at the conclusion.

"I've never been more proud of the city than I am tonight," said Mayor Larry O'Brien after the meeting.

The plan, put forward by Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG), would renovate Frank Clair Stadium and build 350,000 square feet of commercial retail space at the site. It also includes 250 housing units, as well as developing an urban park on Lansdowne's front lawn.

The stadium itself - considered a catalyst in bringing a CFL team back to Ottawa - will be rent-free to developers for 30 years. Taxpayers would contribute nearly $173 million to the project, while developers will pay $117 million.

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Still a full three years from the first coin toss, Ottawa is returning to the CFL because it’s going to throw some money into a new stadium.

City council’s vote Monday night to go ahead with Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group’s plans for a rejuvenation of Lansdowne Park means the “conditional? tag on a CFL franchise for the national capital appears to be now hanging by a thread.

All the league wanted before officially welcoming OSEG into the fraternity was assurance a new home for the team would was be built. With a 15-9 yes vote by council, that assurance was declared.

“It’s a great day for Ottawa sports,? said Jeff Hunt, who forms OSEG with fellow businessmen Roger Greenberg, John Ruddy and William Shenkman. “Our city is really growing up with this decision to build what I think will be the envy of the country when it comes to outdoor stadiums.?

Shovels are tentatively scheduled to hit the ground next June, said Hunt, and that should be plenty of time to have the proposed 24,000-seat facility ready for the football team to start the 2013 season. Hunt also expects to pick up pursuit of a pro soccer team for the 2013 or 2014 North American Soccer League season.

“For 2½ years, I had doubts we’d ever pull this off,? said Hunt. “I always felt it was a great solution for a big problem, but that didn’t mean we were going to be successful (in making it a reality.) I think this project has evolved very positively over those 2½ years.?

There appear to be a minimal number of political hurdles left to clear, other than the finalizing and signing of the agreement. That leaves Hunt to start focusing on a deal with the league on an expansion draft, coming up with a name for the team and hiring a GM.

“We can now begin in earnest to start taking the next steps,? said Hunt. “For me, we’re getting closer and closer to what I consider the fun stuff, all the stuff that’s been in the least-of-our-worries category until now.?

Hunt said there was currently “no set plan? as to how the issue of naming the team would be resolved. The search for a football operations boss will be done deliberately and carefully.

“We believe that we have to have a GM in place a minimum of one year (before the first game),? said Hunt. “It’s nice to be able to have a lot of time to get the right guy.

“I think the amount of time we have to prepare both on and off the field is a huge asset. We’ve got lots of time to get this right.?

Hunt has had plenty of praise for his partners throughout the process.

“They have been tremendous,? he said.

“Although the sports community may not be as familiar with these guys as the business community, these are exactly the kind of owners Ottawa has been desperate for. These guys really get it, and they’ll do all the necessary things to ensure the team is a success on and off the field.?

While there is no set date for the next Grey Cup Game in Ottawa, Hunt pointed out that “at least it will be in our lifetime, which was no certainty before (Monday).?

“I think we’d want to be several years in before we host a game, because naturally, like every host, we want to be a candidate to be in the game,? he said. “We’d want a few years to make that more possible.?

This is far from over ,as diane deans said today on the radio ,it is a bad deal and we have other options to explore , they can tie this up ,for years. I still don't believe it is going to happen.

why is this bad? we want a new stadium and team in ottawa don't we?

There's a NIMBY group that doesn't, calling themselves "Friends of Lansdowne Park" :roll: and they tend to try to turn public opinion against it. They're very vocal and get a fair amount of press.

Pikk mentions that this isn't over and he's right, for the most part. However, a couple of the councillors who voted against it have said that they'll respect the wishes of council and work to improve the deal rather than destroy it.

There's an election here in October and opponents are hoping to find cause to have the new council overturn it, but I don't see that happening. Most of those in favour are expected to return to their positions and the man expected to be the new mayor said he will not interfere with the plan.

There's a legal challenge or two expected as well, but the city is confident that their position will be supported. Opponents are talking a big game but they don't have much to work with.