Lansdowne 2.0 is awful for football fans

If this is built, I’m done with being a season ticket holder and I don’t think I’m the only one. Move the stadium already. This is what Watson wanted all along when he wanted to tear down the football stadium and replace it with condos and townhouses. So now, as season ticket holders , the main benefit we get out of this is… absolutely NOTHING. We lose the roof, will get rained on during bad weather, get two behemoth towers behind us and the arena in the east end zones is a terrible idea and an eyesore. Next thing we will see is Lansdowne 3.0 in 5 years, where they will get rid of the stadium completely. Do us a favour, build a true football stadium in a new location. I will not be renewing my season tickets.

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I’ve decided that I probably will keep my season tickets because I want to support the survival of football and the Redblacks in Ottawa. However, my opinion of Lansdowne 2.0 has not changed.


In 1967 the stadium was state of the art, man that was a long time ago. I truly believe that The 2.0 plan is a home run. I do understand lots of folks are upset with no roof but it comes down to money. the North side stands are in terrible condition and crumbling, the new hockey rink with attendance around 5500 I think will be something that opens alot of doors as far as concerts, and conventions. That’s over and above the 67’s , our new WPHL team, and our Pro Basketball club. I understand they have scaled it back from 3 towers to 2, And its possible they may circle back on the roof. this is just my opinion.

There is no way the City could justify the cost of building a football stadium given the meagre number of events that would require the seating … even if the land was sold, that money would first have to go to pay for the previous investment by the City in Lansdowne 1.0 and 2.0.

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The arena in that one end will all but eliminate the ability to significantly expand seating for Grey Cups.

Not sure what is the deal with the city and it’s obsession with subterranean arenas

No, the arena is outside the stadium fence and walkway.
The last time Ottawa hosted the Grey Cup in 2017 the temp stand was behind the end zone within the fenced and walkway area.

I find it strange that some people are criticizing this major project and many don’t even live in Ottawa or know TD Place!! The city is entering a private/public partnership with OSEG and going to spend around $350 MILLION to get an upgraded football stadium as part of the project.!!!
Yet some people complaining that they no longer have their seats covered by a roof? how many football stadiums are covered by a roof? some complaining that the project could cut temp seating for a Grey Cup? yet in a 9 team league hosting a Grey Cup is probably only once every 9 years.

CFL fans should be happy that owners and their city are partnering up to do improvements and expansion of their stadium.

Very well said, I think 2.0 is an absolute no brainer for the City of Ottawa, and the Fans, as well as the League. why do people have to be so darn negative. truly puzzling.

Are you kidding me ? Every CFL stadium has a roof except for Montreal at McGill Stadium. That’s 8 out of 9. I really don’t see this as an upgrade, it’s actually a downgrade. Landsdowne used to have 32, 000 seats from 1975 to when they tore down the South Side stands and there was a smaller roof there also. You name me one football stadium in all of North America that has condo towers surrounding it. I can, Ottawa. Whoever designed the South Stands was not a football person. I don’t know where you sit, but if you sit in the North Stands, you have the South Side stands blinding you because the lights have not been installed on towers. The wood also looks like crap. It’s our tax money and I pay for season tickets, I have a right to voice my opinion. and call it for what it is. They built half of a new stadium. When they re-designed they could have put three or four condo towers where they built the commercial buildings like Whole Foods and Winners. They could have also built a brand new hockey rink where the “Great Lawn” is. A useless waste of space.

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THF in Hamilton doesn’t have a roof, McMahon in Calgary doesn’t have a roof. Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton doesn’t have a roof, McGill Montreal doesn’t have a roof

Okay, you’re right about that, my mistake. They are bigger football stadiums than what we have in Ottawa. Montreal has two stadiums if you count Trudeau’s “BIG OWE”, that has a roof, although it’s a terrible stadium. Commonwealth Stadium holds, what, 50,000. Tim Hortons Field is brand new, and nicer than Ottawa.I don’t see any condo towers surrounding them.

It’s not being negative. It’s being honest. Watson wanted to tear the stadium down and replace the stadium with condos and townhouses. Where’s the Central Canada Exhibition ? We lost that too. I don’t know how old you are, you may not remember it.

not having a roof hasn’t slowed down our attendance, whether be playoffs, grey cup, or the outdoor nhl games.

and let me tell you, we have our share of “older than average” fans along with our young exuberant fanbase.

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According to the drawing that are out there the arena will come right up to where the stadium begins. So like I said, no room for significant temp seating. So no Grey Cups in Ottawa above 30,000 which is silly.

And I believe the first poster lives in Ottawa and is not a fan of the plan .

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Do you have something against “older” fans. Isn’t that what they call “agism” in this era of wokeness ?

I am older than dirt, and I used to work at the ex every year as a kid, we lived on Adelaide street back then. I parked cars on my front lawn as well for people going to the Ex… At this moment the North side stands are crumbling, have you been to a 67’s game in the last 10 years, the upper bowl along with the suites are all closed off because of the condition, the toilets back up, the roof constantly leaks, I could go on and on but the proof is in the pudding. The North side stands are a turd. Just say’n

So am I. Building the arena under the North Stands was absolutely idiotic. I remember sitting in the arena back in the 60’s and 70’s watching the 67’s and the Ottawa Nationals. You could see all the water stains on the suspended ceiling tiles caused from the roof leaking in 1968. So my point is, it’s always been leaking. My point is they should’ve have built the arena somewhere else at the site. So tell me, if the North Stands are crumbling, why didn’t they tear down the North Stands when they built the South Stands ?

And by the way, I have been to 67’s games in the last 10 years.

Good question, why didn’t they tear down the Northside stands. they should have would be my answer, But the didn’t. But hindsight is 20/20

You have to admit, having condo towers is bush league.

not sure how you got that from my post.

my point was our older fanbase is hardcore and will sit out in the coldest or rainiest days.

i think it’s the opposite of what you are suggesting?