Landsdown LIve Wen Site

Is there a offical web site set up to see the plans etc.

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I could have sworn that there used to be a better site with drawings & a nicer presentation.

There was but it doesn't seem to exist any more. My guess is that the plans they showed at the time are no longer up to date so they pulled it down.

Hamilton has been the opposite. The vast majority of councillors have latched onto a dream that this stadium will magically rejuvinate their downtown core, defying expert consulants, private sector partners, and the alleged "advice" of upper levels of government. They never conducted a business case, they just challenged anybody who questioned the site to "prove that it won't work". Even though they had nearly $60M in federal and provincial funding giftwrapped for them, and a private sector offer worth $75M, odds are that Hamilton council has sealed the fate of their new stadium project.

That is blatantly untrue, the council did have a business case, but it got nixed by the Ti-Cats refusing the play there because of concerns regarding car accessibility and to a minor extent the stability of the west harbour lands. The Ti-Cats then offered their own location and a buisness case that dramatically helped them out on the east moutain, but basically met none of the objectives the city intended for the stadium (IE: Rejuventating a depressed area) as it was located in an area where new developing is appearing overnight and is a very high income tax commercial area.

In the end, the two sides dugs their heels and when it came down to the wire neither side budged so the province basically said "Well, if you don't choose now, you're out. I suggest you look at where Ivor Wynne is now, since I doubt you'll be able to rezone either location in time"

It's all detailed in the largest thread this forum has ever seen in viewtopic.php?f=5&t=55543 which in itself has practically had an offspring in this, the second largest thread this forum has ever seen. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=81563

and no, you aren't misreading, the two combined amount to over 1000 pages of discussion. Hamilton fans might not be the most numerous, but we are among the most passionate about our team.

And if you go through the “Hamilton stadium” thread you will see a posting by Bob Young and he explains why they chose to go back to the IWS site. It was about “timelines” any other site would have to undergo an exhaustive zoning study, possible site remediation, Ontario municipal board hearing and the possibility that locals in the area around a new stadium site could have held up the process. In the end it was Pan Am saying make up your mind or you will lose funding. The old IWS site was already zoned for a stadium, had everything including transportation already in place, was the cheapest option and the only site that could make the timelines put out by Pan Am