Landsdown Live 5 candidates unveiled !

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The mayor said today he doesn’t want to make a decision, and even though they are supposed to have a vote on the stadium proposal in June, he wants to put it off until after the Fall election. The regional district did their part by banning shuttle buses on the main road in front of the stadium unless the crowd exceeded 40,000. The Ottawa stadium will hold under 30,000. :roll:

Notice how every one of those designs features soccer fields?

My gut feeling, and I pray I'm wrong, is that we can kiss the CFL in Ottawa goodbye forever. Spineless politicians pandering to strident NIMBYs will cause this project to be stillborn. :x Small town Ottawa will blissfully go back to sleep for the next fifty years as the rest of Canada bounds forward into the future with verve and excitement.

That’s the problem with the federal capital. They don’t need to be productive. They can just sit there and siphon as much federal money as is needed to keep the place operating and clean.

Funny how none of the designs are near a highway for greater visibility.....

That would be because Lansdowne Park isn't near a highway ... this project is not just about the stadium, it's about redoing the entire park. That actually works in its favour since it detracts from spending money on a professional sports stadium alone.

I too noticed that every design showed a soccer field ... however I think this is a subtle way to help get/keep people on board. It's not a big deal in the first place: if the new stadium can host soccer, it can host football. Keep in mind that the majority of people don't know or understand why Ottawa lost the Rough Riders and Renegades in the first place, so they assume football in Ottawa is a hopeless proposition. Meanwhile, soccer is currently trendy thanks to Toronto FC building a cheap, small stadium, acting like some major, foreign, european club (in terms of atmosphere and fans anyway), and playing in yet another over-hyped american league.

What I'm getting at is the majority of people in Ottawa probably think soccer is the only viable outdoor sport there. They're wrong, but if a soccer field is what they need to see to be on board with the project, so be it.

The stadium renders look like they keep getting weaker and weaker each time a new one comes out. In these latest ones the focus seems to be on everything else and the stadium appears to be an afterthought. That last render could hardly pass as a decent CIS stadium.

Those artist conception drawings are about the lands surrounding the stadium, not the stadium it's self. The stadium redevelopment is a separate thing all together.

If you're referring to the story that I think you are, that wasn't the mayor. That was Alex Cullen, mayoral candidate, who is dead last in the running, from everything I've read.

Incumbant Larry OBrian hasn't said whether or not he's going to run, but he's a strong supporter. The current frontrunner is Jim Watson, who has commited to implementing whatever council votes on in June.