Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 8

Hello, quarterbacks of the CFL. Any of you got an extra one of those cool wristband thingys I can have? I want one and I will wear it all the time. Except mine will have all my various internet account passwords on it.

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I know it is still early in the Season but the way things are progressing, with Sask, Calgary, & Edmonton, is it possible that the Eastern Division has a cross over spot in the West to fill? There are 3 teams in the east tied with the 3rd spot in the west.

You know, it could happen this year. Never thought about it. But IMO Ottawa & Montreal are likely better than the West’s bottom 3. Interesting idea.:smiley:

I can see it happening.

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I think their problem is the O line–all Canadian. They have no run game outside of their young QB. He runs, we tackle. He throws we knock it down. We had foucault & boyko in BC boyco couldn’t even make the team and foucault we let go. The QB needs more time to see his receivers and with that lot, for get about it!

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Love what Dolegala brings to the table, but agree it’s too early to give Fine the hook. Not only did he move the ball well against the league’s top 2 defenses, he did it behind a SUBPAR O-Line.
With the beatings he’s taken the past 2 games there’s no question Mason’s one tough kid. But if our O-Line doesn’t soon get it together he’ll be joining Harris (et al) on the IL.
Bonus takeaway: “Tre-lor Fordnelius” :rofl:

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The Mason Fine plug should be required reading for some of Rider nation’s more clueless denizens. Indeed stick with Fine.

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It would be difficult (mathematically) for an Eastern team to crossover just because of the 4-5 split. The last place team in the East would have to have a better record than the 3rd place team in the West. That’s asking a lot, and with the unbalanced sched. that they are using these days, there are a lot more inter-divisional games, thus creating even fewer opportunities to break away.