Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 8

Hello, Ottawa REDBLACKS. Too bad quarterback Devlin Hodges wasn’t available for the Hamilton game. Surely that was the perfect kind of night for a “Duck” to thrive.

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Mcloud Bethal - Thompson is channeling actor Will Ferrell when he comments his receiver has too beautiful a mind, too fast a body. This is double the fun because if you look closely, he resembles Will Ferrell too. HAHA

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Someday these tsn losers will have to admit how good the Saskatchewan Roughriders really although they will probably choke on it. Take a break from kissing Reilly and Bo Levi's asses and and look at what's really happening for a change. And now they're back in love with Chris Jones again, the same guy they had nothing good to say about when he was in Saskatchewan.

And now the Argos become my second most hated team behind the Stamps.