Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 6

Hello, Steven Dunbar Jr., let me just say this: Sorcery! That one-handed catch against Ottawa was some mystical magic and I do not believe you could have accomplished it without calling on the forces of another realm.

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From the first I heard of him in per-season Kai Locksley has impressed me. His compete level, athleticism, ability to play multiple positions, he seems to be the whole package and more. 3rd down plunges hes getting well past the yardage needed as well.

I haven't heard directly but he must be a team leader in the room as well. He has been a great find for the Elks.

Cornelius looked great too. He avoided getting sacked by a very good Montreal front, looked far more comfortable, and that arm....he never seemed to work hard on any throw. He can hoist those long throws or throw bullets.....and he can run when needed.

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Cornelius can't be throwing heaters all the time. On the 1 INT which bounced off Locksley it came out way harder than it needed to be. #15 needs to emulate old #15 & put some touch on the ball. Nice to have the heater, but sometimes you need a change up. IMO the biggest thing I see in the Elks is, contrary to all the comings & goings & comings again, Jones has been very patient & positive with the young group. When they get healthy & Jones gets the players, especially on D, that he wanted on the opening day roster, I expect some improvements. Some that have been on the 6 game since day 1 might be coming off this week which likely doesn't help vs Winnipeg. BUT with a bye week ahead there may be a big influx of players.

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I know, the 6 game is scary. 3 of our best linebackers, 3 great defensive linemen, Full back, Running back, Wide receiver, and all guys who would be in the lineup when healthy.
Winnipeg this week is quite the task. What would make me happy is that we don't let it get away from us.....

As for the INT, it was one, it was his first game this season. For the most part Taylor used the right velocity on passes but hey, first game of the season.
What I liked was his ball placement was good on his throws. There are other QB's who throw balls where their guys get pasted all the time, but I saw guys like Locksley and where they got hurt was getting jammed up on tackles more than put in a position where they got hit.

That's no excuse. The receivers should catch every pass no matter how HOT the throw is. I'd rather have a strong armed QB than a noodle armed game manager

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Good QB's also have touch. :sunglasses:

You mean good QBs can read defenses to hit the open man