Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 5

Hello, Jon Ryan. Welcome back to the CFL. When the wind is blowing at Tim Hortons Field (when isn’t it), I’ll enjoy seeing your punts being fished out of Hamilton Harbour by collectibles nuts who are furiously paddling their kayaks toward all those bobbing footballs.

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I was hoping Jon Ryan would be picked up by some needy team. He's still got some gas in the tank. A few years back he was starting here in Winnipeg and totally solved all of our punting problems... until the NFL took him away. Darn it all.

Notice that timid line tucked away at the end of Don Landry's 'Bonus Bonus Bonus takeaway':
" Jake Thomas, you are also a magnificent creature."

Landry came soooo close (but chickened out) to using General Patton's epic wartime quote: “Rommel, You Magnificent Bastard. I Read Your Book!” :grin:

Jerry Seinfeld dove right in and used it here:


Political Correctness has made cowards of us all.

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I would have thought that Marino's cheap shot on Maosli would get a mention. How long does the League need to make a decision anyway? It's a no brainer what should be done. Once the League rules, hopefully before Labor Day, Jeremy O'Day and Coach Dickenson then have a decision to make---keep him or cut him. I say cut him.

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Cut him... chop him into tiny pieces, I'm okay with whatever the league decides. :smiley: :+1:

Many but the Bomber faithful certainly had the Lions destroying the Bombers. But in CFL nothing is for sure, and the Winnipeg squad proved they can rise to the occasion. Or was it the Lions failed to produce? Either way congrats to the Bombers . I have to say it was great (sort of) to see Collaros slinging it like we all have feared. But I for one am still pulling for Nathan Rourke to get his game back. We need Canadian heros.

I'm pretty sure there have been plenty of articles written so was probably a why rehash it until some new information comes out.

I have been wrong on most of the team predictions this far.

  1. Picked the Lions to tank...wrong!
  2. Picked the Bombers to be a little weaker then last year...wrong!
  3. Picked Hamilton to be a contender...wrong!
  4. Picked Ottawa to compete at a high level..wrong!
  5. Picked the Elks to be much better...Wrong!
  6. ....ok, that's enough.

That huge bale of MJ we sent them just before the match didn't hurt our chances either. :smiley: :+1:

I was one of those Blue Bomber fans that although hoped for a win, did feel that BC would come out victorious. In retrospect, two great things still happened with the Bombers win. One, Nathan Rourke, although losing, looked very good and all three touchdown passes were impressive and Two, it sets up another great game for this Friday. Somehow I have a feeling you will be cheering really hard for the guys in Red:)

The Bombers brought Bob Cameron in to teach Ryan the finer points of kicking into the wind.

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Bob Cameron was one of the best when it came to kicking into the wind. But he learned the hard way.

As a rookie in his first game here he had to kick into a huge wind and hoofed it as hard as he could. That strategy didn't work. As Cameron lost his balance and fell backwards he could see the ball getting pushed almost straight up. From his superb vantage point on the ground he was able to watch his punt change direction and head backwards directly over top of him towards his own endzone.

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