Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 4

Hello, Bryce Bell. “Get in there and block Willie Jefferson.” Welcome to the CFL, young man.

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What was the opposition strategy? “Find their middle linebacker and run over to him so we can tire him out”?

Your Stamps came close. I think they had the right strategy. Have Maier get rid of the ball quick to keep our rush ends in check. Stop Harris from running all over your defense and force Collaros into more passing situations (we had so many drops). The only fly in your ointment was Rose taking those two roughing the passer penalties in the fourth quarter and Paredes coming up short on that 52 yarder. Great game. I can hardly wait for the rematch! :smiley: :ok_hand:

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My predictions, sad as it is to say as a Redblacks fan:

• A 2-12 season record
• Matt Nichols will likely be sidelined or injured by his lacklustre play
• Paul LaPolice will be gone by Game 10

This team is just awful, aside from RJ Harris and a decent defence corps.

Whoops ... • Matt Nichols will likely be injured or sidelined by his lacklustre play


I agree that the Stamps played well and as far as I am concerned that game was the best contest so far by any of the other teams. And I can say that despite the fact that I was very sad for the final results. I have been an avid Stamp fan for about 55 years. I have therefore seen many years of disappointment but many more that made me feel proud of my favorite team. I still feel proud and hopeful for this season. I believe many thought the Stamps would be slaughtered like sheep in a pen, by the Bombers! Simply because they have so many young 1st year rookies on both sides of the ball including our QB, but they showed the grit the Stamps are noted for. Anyone taking the Stamps for granted, for the rest of the Season, is certainly in for a surprise.


I can't see Hamilton being able to keep both Evans and Masoli. Look for Masoli to be moved to Ottawa, would be my thinking.

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I wouldn't be surprised that if anyone took you guys for granted they'd be in for a surprise. :thinking:

Close games are decided by one or two plays. Unfortunately the Stamps screwed up on "4 plays"...two15 yard roughing the passer calls that could have been avoided by a smarter player... the dropped pass after 1st down gained on a third down gamble and that dastardly missed field goal at the end of the game...we should all feel sorry for ya, but pretty sure none of us do