Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 3

Hello, Week 4.

Slimmer than the previous three weeks in game quantity, but super-sized in intrigue. A top of the charts battle between BC and the Argos in Toronto. An alluring one in Montreal, between a Winnipeg team eager to sort things out fast and the Alouettes, out to show you should be lumping them in with the contenders. And perhaps the most magnetic, oddly enough, comes in Ottawa, where two winless teams, the REDBLACKS and the Elks, desperately try to pull themselves up off the cliff face where they each find themselves currently dangling over a pit of boiling lava. Week 4 is gonna be your favourite movie of all-time, on a giant screen, in thunderous surround sound. Director’s cut.

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Love the Simon & Garfunkel reference on the TiCats. To which I’ll add that their new QB has done “Bo Diddley” to date. :smiley: