Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 3

Hello, Nathan Rourke. All that and complete humility as well, eh?

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the Bombers game in BC on July 9 would be more meaningful to me if the bombers weren't coming in off the short week long travel scenario. of course the Lions are facing that scenario this week in Ottawa. this game will start to provide some clarity for both teams if the Lions manage to win then maybe they deserve to be taken seriously as a factor in the west. same with the redblacks in the east.

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WPG vs BC is ‘game of the week’ material all right. If BC crushes Ottawa then they’ll probably beat us too. No one here is thinking Three-peat anymore… at least not until July 4th’s game is in the bag. What an interesting turn of events. Suddenly it’s BC that has the target on their backs.

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Long before the season started the Tiger-cats had a problem on the offensive line - the loss of Ciraco, the key centre of Hamilton's pass protection - lost in free agency to the Redblacks. That is yesterday's news but the Cat's core problem today for sure. The fix is not simple because Canadian linemen are in short supply and as a result, this ineffective line may linger for the entire 2022 season as the history of these big linemen' problems often dictates.

not sure I’d go that far

not sure that the Winnipeg-BC result in week five affects anything long term for the Bombers . in spite of their starts neither team will run the table . the Stamps...Riders...and maybe Alouettes can potentially challenge either team.