Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 20

Hello, Taylor Swift. I was going to wait a couple weeks before writing this to you but I then I figured I’d better give you a heads up now because I know you have a busy schedule to plan around. The Grey Cup is November 19th, in Hamilton. Ditch Travis and the Chiefs and head on up to the Hammer. Gonna be lit. Oh, come in early, actually. Carrie Underwood is performing on the Friday night and she’s really terrific.

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Campbell’s probably right on that count. Of the 3 possible MOP candidates, only Kelly played well. Adams had 116 yds in the better part of a half. Zach had almost three quarters to surpass that total by 9 yards. Had Purifoy not whiffed on an easy INT, he would have had 90 yds going the other way.

I agree with a lot of people who say Oliveira is the MOP in Wpg. Zach’s had a bunch of games he has been mediocre this year & wasn’t the reason for winning. It gets overlooked by the record. Brady O has been the main driving force on offence all season. It should get the recognition it deserves.