Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 2

Hello, Janarion Grant. I would not want you to be my human GPS if I needed to get somewhere in a hurry and over the shortest possible route.

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Perhaps Bo Levi Mitchell has lost his mojo. Haven’t the Cats tried most of the CFL quarterbacks trying to find their mojo? Masoli and Collaros were hot for a while in the Hammer. Adams, they wanted to be a receiver. Evans was the rising star. Now Shiltz may carry the load. The Tiger-Cats really want to win indicative of their super effort.

As a fairly strong Mitchell fan, I was really hoping to see the Bo Levi Mitchel of a few years ago now that he is fully healthy. I expected him to throw radar guided missiles to the Ticat receivers. But disappointment has set in. His completion ratio with lots of overthrows and under throws and interceptions that seem to be climbing is what I saw him play like in Calgary the last 3 years. Starting to believe Dickenson was right to trade him.

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BLM has sucked since his shoulder injury.