Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 2

Hello, Toronto Argonauts. My question is: How? That’s all. That’s it. Just… how?

Here are this week’s… Hang on. But seriously. HOW?

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Exactly what the Als don't need right now. Losing 2 & starting a fire at the same time, no wonder they're tanking in the power rankings. They have to stop this downward spiral asap. Khari's sitting on a bubble right now.

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Yeah, I think you're right. Khari is on a bubble and things don't get any easier over the next two weeks.. Mtl should not panic. People do stupid things when they panic.


Absolutely. All the experts had us losing that second game and even I was thinking a 'split' would be fair when I considered how Easily Masoli piled up all those passing yards. I never factored in Ottawa's uncanny ability to squander opportunities or mismanage the clock. That series outcome was a head scratcher.

We'll take it anyway! :smiley: :+1:

Masoli's passing yards while pretty to look at it don't produce points, he doesn't win.

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Lapo's got to take a deep dive into Masoli's brain and figure this out before things get out of hand. Ottawa's got an offense that can really move the ball between the 20's this year. They just need to get smarter between the ears.

My week two take aways:

-Hamilton had no business loosing that game. It just SHOULD NOT have happened!! I will still pick Ti Cats to finish first.

-I over estimated Ottawa. I have never considered Lapo to be a top HC in the CFL. If he can turn the tide in Ottawa, I will take it back. Winnipeg will finish in first place in the west. As a Rider fan I dream of a trade...Lapolice for O'Shea!!!

-Sk/Edm game....for some reason the officiating seemed to take away from the game. Yes, player discipline factored in, but it was the poorest officiated game of the season and it made it hard to watch the game (and sooo many injuries). Edmonton improved...a positive for Elk fans. Lawler's end zone catch was amazing.

-Not sure what to make of VA? One of the most exciting players in the CFL. But he does not win very often. Lewis still #1 receiver in the CFL this year. I have not mentioned anything about the Argo's.... Despite Hamiltons poor start, they will still finish ahead of the Argo's...and everyone else in the East. Yikes!!

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