Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 19

Hello, Dexter Lawson Jr. I have watched a replay of your diving, one-handed interception against BC over and over and over again and the same question comes up: How? You had absolutely no business picking off that ball and yet you did. Sorcery! Not just receivers earn the honour. You get it too. That interception of your was… ridoncudiculous.

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Good comments. It makes no sense to me to sit Kelly. They get a bye for the semi. The Riders & REDBLACKS are a good tune-up act. Kelly will be the Eastern MOP & should win it. The only Argo losses were when he left early or didn’t play. Considering the opponents left, it would be a major misstep for the Argos not to match the 16-2 EE team which still holds the records for most wins in a season.

The Argos “run” started last year going 9-2 in the 2nd half plus playoffs. Nobody has been better than the Argos over the last season & a half - not even close. The mantle has been passed in case nobody noticed. At their best vs anyone else’s best right now, they won’t be beat. Fortunately that’s not how the playoffs work.

“…in case nobody noticed.” Unfortunately for the Argos, not many in Toronto noticed. Sad for such a powerful season. And defending champs too!