Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 19

Hello, Liam Dobson.

Thanks for reminding us that offensive linemen can make big defensive plays too.

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Hope A.J. doesn't get confused and let go of the trophy ball by mistake next game. Could make catching difficult. Great to see some solid blocking by the linemen and receivers.

Neglected to mention that Biggie played only half the game with second string linebackers continually rotated in. Three practice roster o-linemen rotated in two spots and only the center playing his regular position after being off with injury for most of the season.
Oliviera played at most a total of 5 minutes game time.
Because I'm not a professional sports reporter I'll only offer 1 takeaway but will delete it from your total for being neglectful.
You therefore owe us one more takeaway unless you want to rename this Landry's 4 takeaways.