Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 17

Hello, Mathieu Betts. FYI, I easily matched that stare of yours when you looked into the camera on Friday night, not blinking for a full 23 seconds. Zero intimidation is what I felt.

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EDIT: Brady said he WAS down, not wasn’t

Around the 2:00 minute mark Brady said he wasn’t down.

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My Mistake!! I was thinking a different play. I Just watched that this morning too LOL, thanks!!
Yes, admitted he wasn’t down before the Fumble!

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If that snap on the whistle was deliberate, the teams now have a new strategy to use. I was in the stands and was looking for a procedure flag when i heard the whistle. Fooled me as well as the Stamps.

MOP discussions usually center around the QB’s. This year Brady Oliveira is also gaining ground for a shot for the top spot. I’d like to throw a name in that nobody is talking about. How about Dequoy from the Als. He’s been the defensive QB for Montreal and no other defensive player in the league has been flying around the field and making game changing plays like he has. Just a thought.