Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 17

Hello, Cody Grace. That’s whatcha call punting the crap out of a football. A 51.8 average on nine punts, including a 61-yarder? Holy Hank Ilesic. I hope you feel better about whatever it was that made you take it out on a ball like that.

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Very observant Don with your take on the Blue Bombers not always rolling through a 60 minute complete game and......... as a Blue Bomber fan, wouldn't want it any other way. Much easier keeping the players focused for O'Shea and company at practice when they have won in what some think isn't convincing enough. Ask Tom Brady how much fun it is to go undefeated only to lose to the underdog Giants in the most important game of the year or Tampa Bay Lightning who was on cruise control a few years back only to go out 4 straight to Columbus. Playoff battled teams will always benefit from fighting their way to a playoff berth, even when they may have a comfortable lead like the Blue Bombers have had at times. Nothing is guaranteed but does help in a tough Western Division or whoever may represent the East.