Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 16

Hello, Josh Pearson. A round of applause for your anthem singing prior to the BC Lions’ home game Saturday night.

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Rourke really is THAT good. The O-line looked awful, like the sad sack group of the last two campaigns. Adams seems like a flighty guy, whose emotions guide the quality of the play, regardless of physical skills. The D was flat and uninspired. Awful, more like it. The tackling was laughable. But worst was, for the third time this year, the Lions looked unprepared from the opening kickoff, a sign the coaching staff is not connecting with the personnel on the field. Special teams coach has got to go. Campbell needs a way to inspire this motley crew.


Well said. I could not agree more! I have been trumopeting your EXACT sentiments from the Winnipeg game re: Sp Teams...
An absolute ABYSSMAL effort across the board by the B.C. Lions! Poor game plan, execution and effort!
Trend of crapping the bed when a big game needed continues!!!!

From Day 1 signing of Pipken to Adams, no disrepect to them as men, but as QB's, they lack the mental fortitude to accomplish the big game. Why, before every huddle, is VA doing kindegarten calisthencs instead of commanding the necessary killer attitude in the huddle? And I am sorry, RP, BAAAAAD game plan... a passive Zone D against the PROTOTYPICAL Dickenson dink and dunk offense, combined with HORRIFIC tackling...loss before even taking the field. NOTHING special about 'Teams....scheme is weak, execution is weak...not one returner has done ANYTHING DIFFERENT other than run headlong into an already beaten wedge.....
Salute to Amateur Football night was EXEMPLIFIED by the Leos. The Grass Roots games before kickoff and halftime displayed better tackling and aggressiveness!!!