Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 15

Hello, Ottawa REDBLACKS.

Well… you know…. Nope. I got nothin’.

Here are the Week 15 takeaways.

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AND FINALLY… You want a missed convert to be even more exciting? Reward the returning team with a touchdown instead of two points if they lug it all the way back.

Absolutely! That was a LOT of effort and running by McAllister for 2 points but VERY exciting to watch!

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Sorry Landry - Stegal was a good ball player - but is a joke on the panel. Even with all his previous head wounds Dunnigan is a smarter football analyst than him. Week 9 Stegal’s screaming that the Elks need to fire everyone and start over, Dunnigan says “they need a quarterback”

5 weeks later “they are exciting to watch” and what changed? The OC and the Quarterback…

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Gotta agree. I really don’t have a problem with Jones - don’t know where you sit on that issue. It makes no sense IMO to bring in a new regime who may or may not replace players & start the rebuild over again, keeping some & dropping others which fit their “style”. That’s counterproductive. It looks like despite all the losing, the players genuinely like their coaches.

With half of the starting roster in their 1st or 2nd year, things are likely only going to get better. I am very optimistic about the direction this is going in. AND very interested to see if they possibly play spoiler with games vs BC, Toronto, Mtl & Wpg on the docket. Regardless whether they win or don’t in that stretch, things are looking up.

Jones is a football nut. Plain and simple. There are lots of schools he shows up at and helps coaches with skills and stuff - unpaid - before he goes home for dinner. One of our top High School teams, he showed up and kids stuck around until it was too dark to practice any more - after a full day in the office and Elks practice that day.

Yeah he rubs people the wrong way. Yeah there was lots of noise, but I remember the same in Winnipeg a few years back in O’Shea’s first years there. The parallels are funny in a way. The barbarians were at the gate with tar and feathers and - they got Zach in a trade - and never looked back.

Don’t doubt they will play spoiler here at the end of the season. BC hasn’t been the same since the beatdown in Winnipeg. Winnipeg has in some games looked like last year and some games, not so much.

If the RB’s, Elks, and Larks win this weekend the whole playoff picture for third and crossover opens up to “anybody can win” for the crossover with the Elks one game out of third in the west and the crossover.