Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 15

Hello, football fans. Not all football fans, just the guilty ones. It is Or-LON-do Steinauer, not Or-LAN-do Steinauer. Orlando is a city in Florida. Orlondo is the head coach of the Hamilton Ticats. Or-LON-do. Thank you for coming to my Tod Talk.

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...and the 6th takeaway from Week 15 is 'quarterback depth' or the lack thereof for the this year's two finalists. Winnipeg has NO quarterback depth at all while Toronto (sans Arbuckle) at least has Antonio Pipkin. Pipkin's no Arbuckle but at least he can muster a hundred yards of offense without throwing 5 interceptions.

Time to break out the bubble wrap again for Collaros.

Without Collaros, the Bombers just don't have that winnin' feelin' ; Collaros was a large factor in the Bomber's 2019 Grey Cup win as he brought a lacklustre offence into a consistent winner. Kent Austin was correct, this young man is a quarterback treasure. :football: :gem:

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