Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 12

Hello, Stefan Charles. Kudos to you for your emergency fill-in work along the Ottawa offensive line on Saturday. In taking on the likes of Ted Laurent and Dylan Wynn, you finally got the chance to understand what others have felt like in trying to block you. That’s gotta be weird.

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Usually the goal posts are helping bombers win. Glad to see its tackling abilities are a far cry from its pass knock down abilities

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Goal posts are our friends. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The roar is loud and clear, Tiger-Cat's Masoli, number eight, is back; which will create fear for most teams because they will be behind the eight ball when facing the Cats. ( Masoili's number being eight ) :8ball::8ball::8ball::8ball: .

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At this point of the season the Tiger Cats are the best positioned team to beat the Bombers...but still a long shot. Sk or Calgary will likely be the teams squaring off with them in the west playoffs. Calgary's Bo L Mitchel is playing uncharacteristically reckless football. I agree with his coach that in order for the Stamps to win in the playoffs it will need to be with BLM. Not their backup as many Stamp fans seem to feel.
Sk could threaten with there improved receiving core, but if Fajardo does not get better play from the O line the receivers are not a threat.

Hamilton is coming on and could be the team that challenges Winnipeg. Toronto just does not have Grey Cup material QB's.
My prediction is the best playoff game we see is Calgary at Sk in the west semi...after that Winnipeg will likely just do what everyone knows they will do.

Seriously? Ti Cats went from 1st to 3rd. Managed to beat Ottawa twice in 5 weeks.

Yup, they're on a roll alright.

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Well if you actually watch the games and not just the final scores you would realize that your statement about the Tigercats is rather silly. If you had watched you would realize that indeed the Cats have improved drastically, two losses on last play of game is unfortunate, could happen to any team, so their record is a little misleading. The offensive line is alot better than earlier in season, the defense is pretty damn good! It doesn't matter if it was Ottawa, the games against Toronto and Montreal should've been wins, just the way it goes sometimes. But if you actually watch and understand the game of football, you would be a fool to say that the cats only look better because they played Ottawa twice. Lol Tigercats are a far better team than both Toronto and Montreal, and we'll see Winnipeg on dec12, and we'll see if there is a different outcome than 2019!

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Firstly I wasn't responding to your post,

Secondly I watch every game, Hamilton has not been good ALL year. They were top team in 2019.
This year not!

As for seeing us Dec 12th, Yup Winnipeg will be eating your lunch in your locker room.

The only two teams trending upward in the East are Toronto and Montreal, the very teams you say are worse the than the the kittie cats.

Lol you watching and you say Cats are not on an uptrend?? Lol I don't argue with cluelessness!

Stay away from the mirror then, :laughing: LOL

Please tell me that you're joking because all it takes for the Ticats to be OUT of the playoffs is for Montreal and Toronto to both win this weekend. Hamilton is NOT in the best position to take out Winnipeg, hell, they're not even a good position to make the playoffs. The way that the Bombers have been playing, NOBODY is in the best position to beat them and I'm saying this as an Als fan.


Love your avatar, you need a pic. As well


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Welcome to the community!

I don't follow your Hamilton being out of the playoffs if TOR and MTL win this weekend and that they are not in a good position to make the playoffs. BC is currently 2 points behind Hamilton (10-8) and needs to have more points to crossover. It would appear that Hamilton has a very good chance of making the playoffs, even if they lose out, as I doubt that BC can win 2 more games after their offensive, defensive, special teams, physical and mental annihilation last week by the team from planet Krypton.

I also respect your recognition of the Bombers superiority as an Als fan. Unfortunately you will be able to witness it 2 weeks in a row very soon. If you switched allegiances now you would be able to tell your grandkids that you were on board with the Bombers very early during their 2020's dynasty.

Willing to say it. Hamilton and Winnipeg in the Grey Cup.

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I would have to agree. No logic on Hamilton other than I like their QB's better than Macbeth or Schlitz, who is untested.

I think we all know who will win the game but I wouldn't bet a dollar on Winnipeg to win $1.10 or bet a $1 on Hamilton to win $2.70, or whatever it turns out to be. Hamilton got dominated by a defence that was very good in 2019 and there is no reason to think they (or any other team) won't be dominated by the best defence in CFL history.

Thanks for that. I actually already have an image that Randall Whitcomb himself let me use (before he passed away) but I don't have it at work here. It's his illustration of the theoretical Arrow Mk. V. I'll have it up before today ends (if I remember... I'm getting old...LOL)


You're absolutely right. I had forgotten that three teams come out of each division (the crossover rule plays with my brain sometimes). However, saying that that the Ticats are in the "best" position to beat the Blue Bombers when the Ticats lost both of their games to the Als is just blind arrogance. There's a reason why the Ticats are only 5-5 and are in third place. They're only one game back but the season isn't exactly young.

I appreciate the offer of switching sides but while the Bombers are my favourite Western team, I can't forsake my Als. I was a child when they folded in the 80s and I wasn't able to appreciate the CFL without them (it's really hard when your team is gone).

Although, I really do wish that they'd go back to looking like the Als of the late 70s. One thing that I was glad to see was the Bombers going back to their beautiful royal and gold instead of that navy and gold look with the dumb-looking emblem. The Bombers have only ever needed that capital W and it just looks so classy to see them looking their best again.

I have no illusions about facing the Bombers. I believe that the Als will lose but I'll also never forget that in football, it's easy for a team to become complacent. Remember the Patriots and their "perfect" season? You just never know, which is why the games are played.

I look at it this way, since I don't have any expectation of winning, I can't be disappointed, only pleasantly surprised. That's pretty much the attitude I had in the NHL playoffs last season. It didn't hurt that the Habs lost to the Bolts, I was just glad that they got there because they were never supposed to. LOL


I don't think that it's very fair to say that Schiltz is untested. He looked pretty good as the Als demolished the Argos. Now, it's true that he had a lot of help from the Als' fantastic defence and the running game of Stanback but those are still key positives in favour of the Als. Those are positives that Hamilton has shown to be vulnerable against. William Stanback is a game-changer no matter who the Als are facing (except maybe the Bombers who will probably cruise to Grey Cup victory).

Schlitz has looked good so far and way better than Pabst but he has not been tested in a big game or a playoff game in my opinion. As you say he had a lot of help and certainly Stanback has shown his prowess when healthy. That may or may not continue. Schlitz could be faced with having to play the game of his life and only having 3 or 5 or 10 minutes to do so with the season on the line. He may or may not succeed in that scenario. I'm not aware of him having faced that as a pro. It certainly wouldn't shock me if MTL went to the Grey Cup but my hunch says Hamilton. If I am right I will say I told you so. If I am wrong you won't hear further from me on this issue.

I don't think I said that the Cats were in the "best" position to beat WPG so I can't be that arrogant. I am simply making my choice and believe they will meet the Bombers in the Grey Cup. My second choice would be MTL with TO 3rd. I am basing all of this on QB's, and a bit of a hunch.

I understand perfectly your allegiance to your home town team and would expect no less.

As to uniforms, I am glad that someone finally commented on uniforms. You are exactly right that the Bombers current uniforms are awesome. Not only are they clearly the best in the CFL but I would say they are better than any NFL team's uniform, measuring up to all but a very few uniforms in all of sport, the most notable exception being the best in the world Chicago Black Hawk home uniforms.

You do have hope for the Als finishing first although they have a pretty rough schedule left. Playing 3 Western teams in a row is a far different task than playing Eastern teams. Here in Winnipeg we believe the Bombers have 3 preseason games left and should not be playing their starters more than a half. Just enough to keep them sharp but no more than necessary to avoid injury ahead of the next meaningful game. We'll see how that pans out. Certainly facing McGuire for half a game or more will be a lot easier than facing Collaros. Unfortunately facing the Bombers second string defence or playing Jefferson and Jeffcoat only 25% of the time, if that occurs, will still mean that the Als will be facing the best defence they have faced all year. It would not surprise me if the Als won both games facing a resting team or if they lost both games. We'll see. The Als will certainly have something to play for, especially if they lose against Sask, which I believe is likely.

I still find it hard to believe that the Habs excelled in last year's playoffs but clearly Carey Price was the man as he had been in the past and perhaps may never be again. Beating my Jets 4-0 was nasty. Something that shouldn't happen on paper. Thankfully on paper the Bombers are far better than anyone else is in any league going today and therefore it would take a number of factors to go wrong for them to lose a meaningful game, sort of like an airplane crash. I'm not happy with the Jets so far this year but probably happier than you are with the Habs. For them it looks like (near the) penthouse to the outhouse.