Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 11

Hello, Shawn Lemon. Two more sacks and another forced fumble? Whoever said there was no more juice left in ya sure underestimated how hard you can squeeze. And even when the juice does dry up, there’ll be plenty of zest left in the rind, right?

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The CFL has had many great receivers through the years, but I can't think of a single one who has as many jaw dropping catches on his resume, & so many of them in the end zone to boot. Instinct is right, you just cannot teach that kind of ability. Burnham's back, baby!

Chuckled at the Bull Durham references at the end.

"You guys! You lollygag on your way to the plate. You lollygag on the field. You lollygag walking back to the dugout. You know what that makes you? Tell 'em, Larry."

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If Sask giving up on Fajardo ,then put him up for trade were he can come back and kick your azz

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I think Cody might need just a bit more rest. He didn't look quite as sharp as normal.
If you have an injury to an area, a knee for example, it starts feeling better and then maybe got a small tweak during the game and maybe just enough twinge of discomfort or pain came back that he was a little hesitant. He didn't look as crisp later in the game.
Maybe Fine staring give him another week to get over the hump and also get a few more reps for Fine. Come playoffs they'll all be ready. Just a thought.