Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 10

Hello, Adam Bighill. Change your name, already, because it’s not enough anymore. Put “Hugehill” on your jersey. Or Massivehill. Or “Steepsloped-Gargantuanhill,” if it’ll fit. Or just go with “Mountain.”

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I can totally see this happening.


I have a feeling that Kyle may have already reached out to Justin and wonder (more like hope) that Medlock is considering coming back. It certainly would be a great opportunity for him to have a good chance of winning one more championship. Have to believe that the kicking game will eventually come back to cost the Bombers a game, and wouldn't it be something if it was in the biggest game.

You forgot the whole line to the commercial! “Fine Corinthian leather WHEN YOU DRIVE A CORRRRDOBA!”. Will never forget that ricardo “wrath of khan - Mr Roarke” Montabaln commercial ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Willie the wisp

Tank Landry

The galloping ghost fritzy hansen

Keith “touchdown maker” baker

Lincoln locomotive leo Lewis

Sorry wrong thread! :laughing:

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The Cats need to learn when to go for the touchdown to win. Take the chance at the end of the game, on third down, just yards from the end zone, to score and secure the win. If you don't succeed I'm sure the fans will forgive you. :tiger::tiger::tiger::point_up:

I agree! Our offensive play calling has been absolutely horrendous!! Even our first drive, 2nd and 2 it was and Condell calls a pitch to a WR 5 yards in the backfield!!! Instead of going up the gut which worked beautifully a few plays before. I am not happy at all with Condell this season!!! It's like defenses have figured his system out, they know what plays are coming!! We have the best receivers in the game, with blazing speed and we hardly ever go deep!! People were blaming Masoli, it's not Masoli, sure he may have been about rusty but the problem is the play calling!!! Cats have got most weapons back n healthy, we should not be losing these games!!!! Solution: Tommy Condell has to go!! Too much talent here for Cats to be playing like this. I don't blame the defense, the offense should have had that game wrapped up by halftime if they were clicking!!

Well I'm not one to ever blame a referee crew for a loss, however I just have to question the call in the Ham/Tor game. Just before halftime Tor attempted a FG, the kick looked to be clearly wide on TV, but I have a friend that was at the game standing right behind the uprights, he said the kick was wide as well! It couldn't be challenged because it should have been an auto review, but they went to halftime. TSN didn't show any replays after the initial one,not even on the sports centre post game highlights! It wasn't mentioned in any articles, just completely swept under the rug! Lol it was a big deal I think, because it ended up being the difference at the end, take those 3 pts off the board and the Cats win, they tie first place, take the lead in season series, so it was a pretty serious mistake! I know that's how it goes in football, it's just frustrating to know that we could lose a first round bye, and/or a home playoff game as a result of a blown call! Not to mention the late hit on the QB penalty that gave Tor a first down, and led to a TD! That was a weak call on the penalty! That's 10 pts gifted to the Argos, I know the league wants Tor to be successful but that was ridiculous yesterday. I'm just blowing off some steam, that was pretty hard to take lol. Defense definitely needs to stop with prevent defense at the end of games! It's only preventing us from winning!! Cats better get their act together, now is the time to start an 8 game winning streak, ending Dec 12, at home! Lol