Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 1

Hello, Trevor Harris. 15 seconds to pick my own nickname? My clock is running? Wait, what? We’re doing this now? Okay… um… umm… something I’ve never been called before? I don’t know, let’s see… how much time now? EIGHT SECONDS? Okay, okay, Don, be cool here. My name is Don… Don… Don Draper… drape man. The Drape Man. That’s it, the Drape Man.

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My take away from Week 1 - inconsistent play from all QBs except Collaros. Adams looked good for one half but then dropped off fast.
Not much offense except the Bombers, they did gift the Ticats a couple of TDs.
All the teams offense looked shaky and I was thinking we need FOUR downs.
Not a good week if they are debuting the game to a US audience on the new sports channel and free on CFL+
Looked like a pre-season week.


Mike: It’s funny, I was thinking the exact opposite :slight_smile: It was classic “anything can happen” CFL wacky football. I think it was typical week one stuff, the only exception being WPG who pretty well fielded the same team as last year (Cats take note). I may not have been pleased with the Cats play, but what entertainment :slight_smile: It will be interesting to see what’s going on eyeball wise on CBS.


What was Sask coach Dickenson thinking, leaving Harris in on the very last play of the game. Oh, right, he wasn’t thinking. It could have been much worse for Harris and Sask’s season, finished after one game.


FOUR downs. NEVER!!! = American football


Hey cruiser, on behalf of the rodent population… welcome to the CFL Forums.

I wanna stick to 3 down football too. But if we start mixing in with US Teams via CFL expansion I’d be open to playing 4 down football when we’re playing on their turf (on their tiny fields). When they come up here we’ll teach 'em how to play football the Canadian way. :partying_face: :canada: :beaver:

With so many two and outs in week 1, I was thinking please just one more down to keep a drive going, I’m tired of the punting back and forth

I’ll bet you a sack of soggy doughnuts that Dickenson had his head in the clouds after having pretty much sown up one of his rare victories as a head coach. Give him a chance to get used to winning and you’ll see his attention span improve. Once he’s had a taste of greatness you might even see him grow a beard like Mike O’Shea. Nothing screams, ‘success’ like O’Shea’s shabby homeless guy look.



All the teams offense looked shaky and I was thinking we need FOUR downs.

I get it, it’s your preference but in all seriousness do you not get enough 4 down football already, NFL 16 reg & pre and post season, XFL 10 reg & post season, USFL 10 reg and post season.
May I have one league which plays 3 downs?


You praise O’Sheas’s offence but O’Shea wound take offense to " shabby homeless guy." Mike’s old hat, that he wears is the lucky hat that ensures those wins. Shabby, no!

If my experience with CBS sports is any guide post, the numbers will be down. I searched for the channel only to learn that it is not in my package and, instead of just being able to add it, I have to change my current plan which will include losing two channels I like very much. I will do it but my wife is doing research so I will likely miss the game or games this week, too. Plus, I hate watching the games on computer (13 in. screen) and have ordered new wires and attachments so I can connect the computer and the TV to watch in HD. Why is it always difficult to access the CFL games?

Aw c’mon now. Shabby Chic is ‘in’ these days. When I mock O’Shea’s mutton you guys oughta know I’m either kidding or freshly shaved (after which I always get high and mighty).

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Things that make me say…Hmmm

A freshly shaved beaver


I can’t read what you wrote it but it’s GOTTA have the word ‘beaver’ in it. :laughing: