Landry's 5 takeaways from Week 1

Hello, Edmonton Elks. I dig the antler hands celebration thing. Kinda like a cross between jazz hands and antlers.

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Jason Maas may have 500 schemes in his playbook but Paul LaPolice is the REAL schemer. That crazy lateral (crazy because it was forward) caught the Elks napping. Nobody should let their guard down when Lapo’s team has the ball. :monkey:

Absolutely! Go Lapo. Not even sure it wasnt a lateral…

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Agreed Maaax, after watching replay several times, the arm angle and release point was equal to where it was caught. Felt it was slightly forward at first, think officials got it wrong upon further review. Ottawa had the play wide open again late in the 4th, pretty sure wide side contain for the Elks had no idea an Ottawa player was there…


Great read Mr. Landry, as a novice to your craft and observations, I’m looking forward to your next submission on all things CFL. Enjoyed your take on Edmonton’s new sack dance & the naming of the new mascot. Not sure many caught the “Lawrence Elk” reference, but as a gentleman in my late 50’s, it deserved a “Rim Shot.” And lastly, Abdul Kanneh should, at the least, be co-defensive player of the week. AK14 was everywhere Saturday night. I’m not so sure he didn’t bait Trevor Harris into throwing that first “oskie,” and the housed-gift on the second, convinced me that Harris may have some arm strength issues, and was confused by Ottawa’s continuous changing of scheme in the secondary. Well, I’m off to perform a “Jantler” dance for the wife, in hopes she will allow me to watch my Ti-Cats Saturday night. Maybe dance to a little “Lawrence Elk???”

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