Landry's 5 takeaways from the first week of pre-season

Hello, Matt Dunigan. Love that new look you got going there with that gorgeous beard. Pristine and snow white. You’re just a safari suit away from opening a dinosaur park off the coast of Costa Rica. (wink emoji)

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Some of the questions I had for each team have been answered, some remain.

BC - O'Connor looked good with not a lot of weapons. QB may be OK in BC.
Edm - Team QB Efficiency highest of all clubs - 129.09. Should keep top 2 & Ford, but will they keep Locksley on PR?
Cal - Mitchell healthy but not very good. That may be a big story..
Wpg - Brown likely # 2. Kicking still huge question mark. How much rope do you give Mourtada?
Tor - Why not keep Pipkin for another game?
Mtl - Another team that may want to keep a 4th QB tucked away on PR, if they keep Dom Davis.
Ham - Rub a-dub dub, 3 men in a tub. Three punters with nary a 1 averaging 35 yds. Kicking issues still a going concern at this point.
Ott - Pleasant surprise for me all around. Maybe all the hype is justified.


BC signs Pipkin. That was fast.

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Some pretty good talking points from the weekend. Agreeing with most of what he says here, especially about Matty's beard! The powers that be gave us men beards, wear them! We can never have enough beards around. Come on Milt, your turn😆.

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Worthy sighed with Mont. as well. Must have got tired of being kicked around by TO.

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Great analysis! We're on the same page here.

I too like what O'Connor's managing to accomplish while surrounded by 1st team wannabes in BC. The only downer here would be if Antonio Pipkin becomes the number two guy... he'd foil our first ever All-Canadian QB combo debut. I was hoping to see some CFL history made come Week 1.

There's no way Edmonton can keep all of their QB prospects under wraps once the season starts. Another team is going to bag some tasty unprotected Elk meat here. Either Kai Locksley or Taylor Cornelius will be coming loose from the herd and I think that straggler will be pounced on quickly. It's a harsh reality for Chris Jones (the guy who assembled this wealth of talent) but it's nature's way.


Well, you're right of course. But there are ways of keeping them if they want to - wouldn't be the 1st time some guy you wanted to stick around ended up on IR or elsewhere. :sunglasses:

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True enough. Chris Jones might try to hide his young bucks under cover for a while. But imagine the scenario where Calgary discovers that BLM's warranty has expired and he's beyond repair. Any brand new CFL QB would JUMP at the opportunity to intern behind Jake Maier under the watchful guidence of teacher John Hufnagel. If BLM is traded or released we might see a backup QB 'Stampede' (pun intended) for Calgary. :grin:

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Yeah, Maaax, Mitchell right now may be the biggest story QB wise in the league. With him supposedly healthy, I still think he'll turn it around but one of his INT's wasn't in the same area code as his receiver so who owns that one? I don't see Dickenson going away from him - maybe pulling him in game but he's still his top guy IMO. This is a really crucial year for a few guys - BC, Fajardo & Bo in the West for sure. Expectations are huge in those cities.

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Really liked the way Arbuckle and Locksley played! Both of them engineered some impressive drives moving down field with combined stats of 18/21 – for an 86% completion percentage. I’m excited to see what happens on Friday with the Stamps in the last pre-season game.

Based on what has transpired so far – I’m thinking Arbuckle has a lock on starting in the regular season. The backup is not as clear. Taylor has more experience, but Locksley really impressed with the snaps he received. Any thoughts – pantsonfire?


Bring whatever lineup you want BC the score will be the same

Yeah. The Qb's looked good. Despite the Bombers only having a trio of veterans in the front 7, the starting DB's were Rose, Nichols, Hallett, Taylor & Glass. All veterans. And the QB's topped all QB's on the weekend @ 129.09 QB Efficiency, as mentioned before, vs a decent backfield. If Arbuckle is the starter I think the Elks will be pretty good. I expect the running game, with Wilder & Fletcher, to be top notch & they have a good mix of receivers. Here's a comment from a CFL insider posted today

I think we’re going to see a lot more parity in the league this year. Winnipeg and Hamilton lost some key players. Chris Jones will have his defence (in Edmonton) playing at a high level. Ottawa’s a lot better. I’m not sure I see anyone winning more than twelve games.

That echoes my comments posted previously. I feel that 12 wins will top the league with a lot of teams in that 8-10 win range. Still feel BC will bring up the rear but the other 8 teams will be very competitive.

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