Landry's 5 takeaways from preseason

Hello, Toronto Argonauts. The Hamilton Ticats just released offensive lineman Jordan Boatman. I know you’re deep on the roster along the offensive line, but some things are just written in the stars, aren’t they? Or written on the rippling waters as you embark on your 150th anniversary season. What say you give the man an oar and see what happens?

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All very good points. A loss is still a loss & the Elks were 0-2. But, to be fair, they were tops in both Net Offence & Least Net Offence from opponents. The Elks plan to rush this year & racked up 274 yds over the 2 games, again tops. So it’s not just the passing.

Harris looked good. Like Jones, the Rider brass also says their attack will be based upon a strong rushing game. Surprise, #2 in rushing over the pre-season was the Riders with 246 yds rushing. Both teams had opponents good vs the rush. If they have Harris going, they’ll be tough. At the other end of the scale the Bombers gave up 314 rushing yds to these 2 opponents. Their DL is very thin this year so they need some newcomers to step up.

I’m hoping Stanback is back. Great RB. Big piece of the Als offence. Love to watch him play.

Same goes for Adams. BC needs him to be good. Very impressed with what he showed so far. Can he be consistent all year or will there be another QB controversy brewing with him in the middle? I wish him well.

Make that 2 Spocksinian eyebrows. Fingers crossed.


Hey did you catch the last line? :grin:

I’m not the only one riffing on Filet Pignon. In fact every single writer on here and on 3DownNation is as well. That’s a lot of bias.

Elks finished 3rd overall in rushing last season…the receiving corps outside Lawler was inconsistent and dropped a lot of passes.

Hard to make a splash with your rear end on the bench. Are the Bombers planning on sitting Collaros? I remember when Bennett was the cat’s meow & oh, the misery when Dom Davis left to start for LaPo in Wpg. The best QB to come in the last 50 years suited to our game? I don’t know why you’re still having this conversation. That’s a joke. Go away, Jon. :smiley:

The writers and me tell you to go away as well. I could also stick my tongue out but am not that into emojis.

It’s easy for you to blather on every year with your predictions without any accountability or follow up. Again I invite you to join the CFL pool so that your self proclaimed expertise can be measured. If not I’ll stop reading your unaccountable posts and self proclaimed expertise.

OK. Let’s be clear. I did have as good a record predicting as 3DownNation & the CFL writers here last year & I do it for fun. That’s why I do it with rhymes. All that can be checked. I am not interested, & never will be, in the Pool. Accountability? There’s plenty of bloggers that take shots at me & that’s fine.

I take exception to the constant putting players down to make your players look better. I am not saying Pigrome didn’t have a good pre-season. You never seem to get the point. The issue is he is not the fastest, the best in 50 years & to suggest he is better than Cornelius is ludicrous. It can’t just stop with a player having an exceptional pre-season. He has to be better than any other player brought in by any other team. He has to be the find of the half century - he HAS to be a Blue Bomber.

As for your “writers”, I don’t see anyone making the same claims as you do.

3Downnation did a very nice piece on Pigrome but no word of his imminent greatness. Maybe YOU should read the last line of their comments.

“We still don’t know much about Pigrome but he seems like someone for whom fans will have an easy time cheering.”

That sums it up pretty well.

As for the 5 take aways?
Yup - good numbers for the Elks QB’s. And lets remember that Winnipeg played starters in that 2nd game.

“Harris made a brief but dazzling appearance in a win over Winnipeg, going 4/4 for 72 yards and leading the team on an 89-yard touchdown drive. He kept it cool in the postgame, though, reminding everyone that the Bombers had rested a lot of regulars.”

Says enough.

Against Montreal - teams are going to have their hands full with Stanback and Fajardo. As long as they can back defences off the line with some solid passing, they should be able to move the ball well.

Adams looked settled and cool, moving his launch point, setting and throwing well. With an offence built around his strengths, and a great receiving crew, they will be in the mix.

That play last year did more damage to Masoli’s knee than we all thought. There was bone damage too that’s still healing, No doubt he will be as good as he was, how long will it take to get there?

Pigrome is exciting - lets see how that goes in the regular season.

You are exaggerating my comments but I’ll leave it at that.

And I thought you would not be up to the challenge of posting your predictions on the open forum. You are one of several who claim to be among the top predictors based on their own calculations.

My final say on this. You can believe what you want. It’s part of the record on here but research isn’t exactly your strong suit. There’s no incentive for me to go on an open forum. That’s your schtick, not mine. I don’t need the validation. If you take that as “not up to the challenge”, well go with that. Since I won’t see your results & you can see mine, you can claim victory any time you want. See - it’s all good, Jon. :sunglasses: