Landry's 5 takeaways from Mark's LD Weekend

Hello, Matt Dunigan. “Slingnasty.” I like that. I’m assuming it’s one word, but you can correct me on that if I’m wrong. Now that I’ve used one of your phrases in one of my columns, the least you can do is work one of mine into one of your TV appearances. Let’s see. Gonna go with “pretzelry.”

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Full marks to the Ti-Cats for their win, but, seriously, how can the Argos hope to match the snarl of the Cats when they are wearing those god-awful baby blue pants! Also, how about putting McBeth in way earlier when it was so obvious that Arbuckle did not have it going on. Not saying the Argos would've won, but that move was too long coming.

If the Cat's defense stays healthy, they will certainly give all teams a panic attack. The offense plugged with rookies and an aging Banks, just 33, is a work in progress which is somewhat surprising considering the time to get ready. I'am aware of the injuries to some key offensive weapons.