Landry's 5 takeaways from Free Agency

Hello, offensive coordinators. I can help you shave – by a full thirty-three per cent – your workload when it comes to installing a run game against Hamilton. Micah Johnson is joining Ted Laurent and Dylan Wynn at defensive tackle for the Ticats, so, say goodbye to the ‘A’ gap.

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Enjoyed this article ! Agreed with some but enjoyed the humor more. I could picture in my head ,John Hufnagel , just as described it made me agree and laugh at the same time. The part about BC and two Canadian QBs is, (or will be) a dream coming true for me. I have always thought the league could someday see many home grown QBs behind the center each game.
As for Andrew Harris, I do feel sorry for him, in a way, as I'm sure his dream was to achieve 10,000 rushing yards at home. That again would have been another Canadian achievement worthy of recognition! But I can't see him not at least getting that record accomplished finally before he retires.!
Looking forward to Ottawa stepping up this season and pushing the Eastern contenders to higher results.


Genius John Hufnagel's laid back Free Agency approach is catching on. Kyle Walters is rapidly slowing down at this time of the year just like Huf. I think his coffee is working in reverse. :grin: