Landry wont play tomorrow

Ezra Landy wont play in tomorrows game. He is from Louisiana and is heading home to be with family.

I hope all goes well for them

Yup. They said his family wasn't endangered, but Ezra felt this was a moment for the family to regroup.

Terrence Edwards will assume the return game responsibilities.

I believe Corey Holmes also is from Louisiana, right? How is he doing this week. Will he play? Anybody knows?

I hope all goes well for him and his family.

That really sucks to have family there.

Homes and personal belongings that are destroyed or lost can usually be replaced in time, but nothing is more drastic and final than a sudden death in a family.

3/10, I think I heard somewhere that Holmes' fiancee is from around there, but I don't know much else. Of course, there's an article about Rider reactions to Hurricane Katrina on Riderville, but you've got to be a member to read the blasted thing. . .

Good luck to him! hope everything will be ok for him.

Doesnt make much sense to me. Once you find out families ok,
the next step should be getting them out of there, not going in
there. Unless you have some technical abilities in power, health,
law, etc. I think you become more of a liability.

Maybe he will move his family up to Canada, who knows?

they said in the paper yesterday that Corey's fiance and child are fine. they are more in the north. The riders Coach Ron Estay though has not been able to get a hold of his friends and loved ones in the area.

Hope everything goes well for all affected.

The radio has updated the report that landry will meet his family in Texas.

I think they also said that Ottawa has 8 players with family there