Landry: Where we stand ahead of Free Agency

I’ll say this for the CFL’s free agency negotiation window; opening it sure has allowed some fresh breezes in to snap us to attention.

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I think Wpg &, especially the Argos, have done pretty well keeping a lot of their pieces 7 adding some nice complementary guys. Lawler was a good addition for the Bombers but Sayles looks to be leaving. Will they bring Micah in? Argos got Williams so Muamba is probably gone & look to be signing Orimolade which is big. Does Ja'Gared head back to Hamilton?

Hamilton is up & down, as are the Riders. Santos-Knox out, Thurman in. Dunbar out, so better keep White. Would not be surprised they make a play for Lewis. Butler is also coming over apparently so maybe they have a running game finally. Riders haven't wowed me yet. They got Harris, but Fajardo actually ranked a lot higher on the FA list & he looks to be going the other way. Wienke in-Moore out, Banks in-Leonard out. Signed some more of their own but still a lot of them out there.

Edm got Dunbar to replace Lawler along with Moore. They & BC have been relatively quiet but BC looks to have signed Couture. Need to keep Figueroa. Ottawa has done a good job signing most of the 40 of their FA's. I'd like to see them pick up Dane Evans. Really don't know where he ends up.

Forgot the Stamps. They look to be losing some big pieces on defence with Orimolade, Thurman & Banks gone. I think they may bring back Sankey. They should be in on him, though I have heard nothing.

Surprised to see Steven Dunbar go to Edmonton - is it really true - he and White were the only reliable hands last season for the Cats making Dunbar's exit inexplicable to any astute fan.

Same, very surprised.

What's surprising is the type of receiver he was. Tall, can break away, but can also grind in the middle when needed.

Hamilton only seems to get one of those receivers every few years. But I'd say are more focused on smaller, fast, pass catchers.

You kind of need both for the chess matches.

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I'm very disappointed with Montreal's quiescence. Yes, they did make a few signings on defence, but, Landry, the unsigned are their best players. DBs Mike Jones and Greg Reid are unsigned All-star calibre defenders. Pickett when he moved to LB last year was super. (22 more tackles than Beverette - who was also excellent) Did you know he led all of NCAA in total tackles one year at UCLA? And they don't have a signed MLB on the roster. I wish they would go after Sankey, who I consider the league's defensive MVP.

On offence, they have not signed, and it looks like they will not sign, even a single one of their American WRs! And as of now no QB with any experience on the roster.

I think you have understated the gravity of the situation there.