Landry: Schultz had a kind soul, massive handshake

There’s a lasting memory that I have of Chris Schultz, one that brings a smile to my face even as we all mourn the sudden, tragic loss of the big man with the even bigger heart.

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If Chris Shultz was such a good guy, why would he tell Pinball Clemons F_ _ _ Off after a nice formal introduction from rookie Mike Pinball Clemons ? This just proves that people always tell how good a person is after they pass away ! Regardless I still am sad for the sudden passing, and give my condolences to his family. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :upside_down_face: :thinking: :cry:

I guess good people die young applies to our dear Chris Schultz. Great stories of his kindness to tackle hunger and include anyone who cared. Good people die young and will be missed because they made a difference in our lives. Rest peacefully Chris Shultz. You made a difference in our lives!

And you have never said that to anyone?

Hey Ace,
Iam a nice guy. F____ you. The man just died

is this a known fact? is it on video or audio? Was there a news story about it?

And you quoted me becasue?

So what if he did? Everyone has at one time or another

just a curiosity for me.

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