Landry: Rhymes looking to ascend to new heights in '23

When you think about it, the season Dominique Rhymes had in 2022 was even more remarkable than it seemed at first blush.

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He is not Burnham not even close

Not yet, but if he can stack a few seasons like last year we could start talking about him as comparable to Burnham. That's the difference now, Burnham did it consistently over a number of seasons.

The attention Burnham created is now spread to other receiver's and no he is not even close to what Burnham could do. Burnham was a receiver you see only once in a life time and then you look at who is throwing the ball. A once in a lifetime type player example Ni Lewis

Rhymes has good hands and gets jump balls, but i kinda think Hatcher is the better all around receiver.

No one can tell me any of the BC receivers are even close to Burnham quality