Landry: REDBLACKS leaning in on The Masoli Effect in '22 will be previewing the 2022 season, taking an in-depth look at each of the nine teams as they get set to hit the field.

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There's lots of reasons to be optimistic for Ottawa, but a lot of things need to fall into place for them yet. Among the most important is one you can't trade, sign, or draft for called chemistry. Get the chemistry happening in Ottawa with the new personnel, throw in some good luck to keep the injury bug away & good things should be cooking there.

The East got a whole lot more competitive with the Masoli and other signings

If the O-Line can keep Masoli upright and healthy, Ottawa is going to be up there. The East should be a lot more compatitive and interesting, than the West, for the first time in a long time.

So like throw for a lot of yards, score few touchdowns and lose? That's pretty much the great Masoli in a nutshell. Somebody inform tsn please.

Masoli is much better than that. Ottawa will do very well in 2022. Will the Redblacks have a decent backup though . That is important to every team .