Landry: Locksley becoming a multi-purpose threat in Elks offence

All Kai Locksley ever wanted to do was play quarterback and, you know, really he still does. But that doesn’t mean the Edmonton rookie is disappointed to be lining up as a receiver for the Elks.

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It is probably a blessing in disguise that Locksley will not be on the field of play this evening. He sure doesn't want to get all that blood on his new white jersey. Because I can't help but feel it is going to be a blood bath for the Jones Team.

“For” the Jones Team? So you think the Elks are going to win BIG… well stranger things have happened. That kind of upset would be pretty epic.

As usual no info on the Saskatchewan Roughriders on this site yet we are treated to an entire article on this nobody.

No just the opposite the Jones team are going to be soaked in blood after the beating the Bombers are going to lay on the Elks

Oh good. It’s easier for me to wrap my brain around a blood soaked Elks carcass… kinda like what I found hanging in one of my Uncle’s basement when I has a kid. He’d just come back from some sort of hunting trip but to me he’d just killed Bambi. :grin:

AWE Gee ! Nothing at all on the misbehaving Riders ? Maybe because those heavily penalized Riders are just a side note now! Nothing significant to say about a team that is an embarrassment to the league this season.

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We will save some for the hockey season to donate to the Flames, or whats left of them…

As for Locksley - love him. Quarterback, slotback, whatever. Athletic and talented guy. Showed a lot of toughness last week.


He could play any position on offence. I’ll bet he’s just big enough to be the long snapper on third down if need be.