Landry: LaPolice's approach the same w/ reloaded REDBLACKS

Paul LaPolice rejected the analogy outright.

I’d been picturing the head coach of the Ottawa REDBLACKS as being like Seinfeld’s George Costanza in that one episode where everything goes his way. There’s a short scene where George is skipping merrily through a New York City park, hands raised in the air as he celebrates his new job as a hand model.

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“There’s a lot of work to do,” LaPolice cautions"

Ain't that the truth! LaPo been given another year to bring Ottawa a winner & some substantial gains better be made or he'll end up back on TSN, or as somebody else's coordinator. Good luck, Paul, we all want to see you bring a contender to our capital.
Patsy's are boring & bad for business.

What he inherited, was awful. The GM didn't make it better by adding the talent they needed either.
Now he has a GM that will feed him the talent he needs, they will be better this year. Last year wasn't from what I saw a lack of effort, just a lack of talent in the right places.

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"Reloaded", really? It's hard to reload when you didn't have any bullets to begin with.