Landry: Judge goes all-in with Stamps

Cameron Judge never did mind signing one-year contracts over the first few years of his CFL career. But now? Now he’s happy that he’s bucked that personal trend with a fresh, two-year extension with the Calgary Stampeders.

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Stamps continue to assemble an impressive D with these signings the past few days…

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The D will be good, as usual. I'm worried about QB. Nothing has been proven yet, in my mind. I hope he doesn't fizzle like Evans did last year.

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Stamps are getting stronger day by day. Will be a solid contender in 23

Cameron is a great player and he’s correct Calgary is tough to beat to call home
Sadly for stamps fans the realization that they kept the wrong quarterback should hit around week 7 and a grey cup win will be a dream for the foreseeable future

Think I will put my trust in Huff and Dickinson instead of a fan of another team