Landry in, Pope out

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8) Well that was certainly a quick cup of coffee for Mr. Pope !!!! :wink:

Have to admit being a bit surprised at this move. I thought that a player with his background would have at least got on the field for a game or two to see what he could do. Interested in finding out if it was a ratio thing, a matter of him not wanting to really be here or just his play in practice. Especially after it was stated that Obie had been after hime for awhile.

I guess Pope wasn't "mighty" enough...

perhaps Pope was only insurance if Floyd didn't return.

Hell, if a player was that good in the NFL with CFL size, I'd give him AT LEAST a few weeks to try out for the team not like 5 days. Bet he's better then Haley and Brown combined. Sigh :roll:

8) Maybe he wasn't too impressed by the $500 per week practice roster payroll !!!! :roll:
8) Exactly !!!! There is really only one "mightypope" allowed in Hamilton !!! :wink:

It was bound to happen, Winnipeg has the Bishop and no room for the Pope.

I thought Dennis Haley played pretty well against the Als.

Perhaps this factored into their decision.

Lol the pope would've schooled the bishop. Doubt it'll be long before the pope is starting with another team and we're here crying because we had him and released him. The LB version of AC.


I would prefer J. Armour over Pope for MLB...over anyone we have for that matter

8) Armour is another malcontent, that is why he's not playing anywhere anymore !!!
 Besides he's not a MLB !!!!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->